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First it was Facebook crashing..and now YouTube. Is anyone else having this issue?

I got signed out of YouTube somehow so I tried logging back in. I entered my YouTube username and password then this pop up comes out.

"YouTube Sign In Required"

You must sign in to YouTube's website to continue.

Then Safari launches a page where it's asking for my Gmail username and password. I log in using my Gmail email and password and now what? I'm still not signed in the YouTube App.

I'm using YouTube's mobile site for now, but it would be nice if I can use the iPhone YouTube App again.


iOS 4
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    I'm having this exact same (and frustrating) issue. I've signed in to Gmail and YouTube via safari (per the app's prompt) 5 times and still no dice.
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    I just started having the same problem perhaps like facebook this will correct itself with time I was watching a video it froze and I had to restart my phone did that happen to you?
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    Sorry guys. This thread was being ignored so I didn't bother replying back to it. I actually solved this issue and I'm back to using the Youtube app.

    I fixed this by accident. I was surfing on my desktop computer and went to Youtube. I noticed that I was signed out so I signed in using my Youtube account. It then brought me to a Google Accounts page or something and asked me if I would like to combine my Youtube and Gmail accounts together. I chose yes and now on my iPhone, I use my Gmail username and password to log on to the Youtube App and it works.

    Let me know if this works for you guys as well. Thanks.
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    Does anyone know what caused this problem or how to fix it?
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    I did what you said and it worked then I logged out and when I tried to log back in I got the same message
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    Are you logging in using your Gmail username and password? That should work.
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    My gmail and YouTube account names are the same and I unlinked the two accounts I just turned off wifi and logged in successfully I think it's just being testy and I did all this from safari
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    And now for some reason it's working

    Edit: I just turned my phone off and it logged me out with the same error

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    Sometimes it works and other times it doesn't anyone else have this problem?
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    I am having the same issue: "User name or password you entered in incorrect."

    I have used my old YouTube login and my new gmail log in. I have had this issue for TWO DAYS and have typed my information in about 10 times, each time double checking for typos.

    As this is an Apple app, my expectation is that this issue is not being ignored and that we should be getting direction on what we need to do to resolve this issue.

    Or, failing that, we need to be able to remove Apple-written apps that fail to function properly.

    It annoys me to no end to have ann app waste space on my iPhone.
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    Okay, so I got Youtube to work. These are the steps I took:

    1) I unlinked my YouTube account from my Gmail Account.

    2) I changed me email in my YouTube account to my gmail address.

    3) I logged in to myYouTube account using my YouTube log in.

    4) I linked my YouTube Account to my Gmail Account.

    5) I logged into my YouTube app using my Gmail Account information.

    I am not sure if this is the true fix, but my thought is that if I force everything to look at the same data, some part of the login process has simply got to stick.

    I cannot guarantee that this will work consistently. My understanding is that most fixes that have popped up on the internet have been temporary at best. I also did not try logging in to an unlinked account.

    I would say that the root cause of this issue is the kludgy link process between gmail and YouTube and the app's inability to navigate the kludge. I may be wrong.
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    I believe there's actually a simple answer for this. Turn off your wifi and login to the YouTube app through your cell signal. I read this on Google's discussion board and it worked for me.