Question: remove top results malwares

Remove top results malware

MacBook Pro 13", macOS 10.14

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Hello SusanvilleJim,

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I see from your post that you have malware on your Mac called "Top Results" and you need help to remove it.

If the malware in question was installed via Safari, please do the following:

  1. Quit Safari. If you cannot quit Safari normally due to Top Results, you will need to force quit it: How to force an app to quit on your Mac
  2. With Safari closed, relaunch it fresh by holding Shift while launching Safari.
  3. Next, try to uninstall any unfamiliar Safari extensions. After you safe-launch Safari and are sure none of the previously opened pages load now, go to Preferences > Extensions.
    • Select and uninstall (by clicking on the Uninstall button) all extensions there that are unfamiliar to you or that you think may be suspicious. If you are not sure about a certain extension, it’s better to uninstall it – no extension is required for the normal functioning of the browser
    • Check out this page for more detail on how to remove extensions and other plug-ins: If Safari is slow, stops responding, quits unexpectedly, or has other issues 

If you have other browsers aside from Safari, do the following:

In Safari, open Preferences from the browser’s menu and go to Privacy.

Select Remove All Website Data and then Remove Now. Note that this will delete all stored site data including any saved passwords and usernames. In other words, you will have to manually log-in to every site where you have a registration so make sure you remember your usernames and passwords.

Back in Preferences, click on General and see what your Safari’s homepage is. If it has been changed without your permission, change it back to what it used to be or to whatever you like it to be now.

Now go to the History menu and select the Clear History option.

If after trying all these steps, and Safari and other browsers are still not behaving correctly, I recommend that you download and install Malwarebytes for free and run the software on your Mac so that it can find any traces of potential virus/malware and remove it from your Mac.

I hope this information helps you.


Jul 21, 2019 12:34 PM

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Question: remove top results malwares