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    himoura wrote:
    bro germanwarfare probably has no clue what he is talking about. everything he said in his initial post about the beta and testing can be found in various articles about beta testing 4.1 all over the net. there are plenty of pics to snag too. besides those were some very dainty fingernails he was sporting in his pic

    @Goflying - I know you've been putting shots across the bow of MichaelEmpire, but knowing what he's posted in the past, and the clarity of his posts when he isn't being wound up by people like me, I honestly belive he has more credibility than out German friend. All the betas have been available days before they were reported on the thread, on t0rrent. So I fully expect a lot of the early 'testin' is being done in the wild on JB handsets. I doubt our German friend is member of the press with beta testing priveliges (as he porports). He is likely just another guy.

    chotty1 wrote:
    He also posted his Xcode screenshots and requested M.E. to do the same... still waiting on them, Bro.

    That's not going to happen. Michael is not an idiot. Nor is he going to be baited by one. His phones went back to Apple IIRC. I don't blame him.
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    My apologies... I am sure that there are some that are not experiencing the problem... or maybe those that stand in a frozen state when talking on the phone. My problems are when I move around or cradle the phone against my shoulder. i.e. opening a door while holding my brief case. I have also noticed it if I move my head in any direction.
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    Your presence here has made posting on this forum practically unbearable. This is one of the reasons I don't post here. You and Himoura would make a nice couple. I have said what I have said regarding the proximity sensor issue and that's that. I am not an engineer, I am making assumptions based on what I do know. I find you guys and your attempts to discredit me rather amusing. If I have no credibility than please continue to mock one another and argue amongst yourselves.

    And if I am simply taking pics that have been posted on the internet then please show me one example? What pics did I steal off the internet and use for my own evil agenda on this forum?
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    Using the phone on your shoulder is a big no no. Seems to be the biggest culprit of the PS issue and the biggest freedom you give up when upgrading from a 3G or 3GS. There are a few working fixes at the moment, but the most effective is to grip the end/top of your phone and then make sure your fingers remain in contact with your head just behind your ear.

    Apple are supposedly going to alter the timing delay between sonsor activation and screen activation (slowing the response to allow for more movement), but the sensitivity and focal distance don't seem to be alterable, and the issue seems to be the positioning of the sensor which obviously cannot be moved.
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    This thread is being locked, as it is becoming too long and some browsers are timing out before the thread loads. It is being continued in Issue with Proximity Sensor during calls - Continued v2.

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