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mamohr Level 1 (0 points)
I took a slew of video over 4th of July. I held the phone vertically upright (home button on the bottom) to shoot the vids. When I moved the files to my PC, the playback was in landscape orientation, rather than portrait. Basically, you have to bend your neck to the left to view the video. Can anyone explain what may have happened (this has never happened before!) and now that it's on the PC, can I correct it?


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    Similar issue: I started taking video in portrait and rotated my phone to landscape. On playback (on my Mac, and in MobileMe gallery) the vertical/portrait video part was fine but the orientation did not change to view the landscape shot, so it appeared sideways on my screen. Is there a way to rotate the image? The "rotate picture" icon in MobileMe did not work on the video. There was no such option while watching it in QuickTime.
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    Similar issue...all my videos are upside down when viewed on the PC. Not sure how to reorient the videos. Would love an answer to this
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    I found that Windows Live Movie Maker (free download) allows you to rotate the video on your PC, HOWEVER, that still doesn't answer why this happens. Am I shooting the video incorrectly by holding it upright? Yes, an answer would be great!
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    I'm curious about this also. I can't figure out how to record video on this device and get the proper aspect when playing back.
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    Are you playing back in Quicktime or some other application?

    In Quicktime they should view correctly but most other codex don't seem to support the orientation stored with the video [if not, and you have Quicktime Pro you can set the orientation].

    In VLC you can manually turn on rotation through the menu and there is a command-line flag as well:


    --transform-type {90,180,270,hflip,vflip} Select rotation angle or symmetry.

    The "proper" orientation for the device to play by default is to hold the phone with the home button on your right (volume control buttons towards the floor). Unfortunately, it will not set level on a desk that way because of the buttons.

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    And what is the proper orientation to shoot the video?
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    You can re-orient video clips if you have a pro version of the old QuickTime 7 - see tutorial [here|http://www.maclife.com/article/tipday/rotating_quicktimemovies].

  • Gqslimm Level 1 (10 points)
    I was puzzled for a week with this then finally found the quick fix.
    All you have to do is start the video in Landscape mode. Before your press the red button, make sure its in Landscape mode. Then you can turn it to Portrait or back to landscape, and when you view the final product, it will be fine. Hope it works for you. later