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I am trying to transfer some voice memos from my iPhone to my Macbook. I select 'include voice memos' in iTunes under the Music tab. But all what is doing is to transfer voice memos from my Mac to my iPhone, not vice versa. After syncing when I check the voice memos in the side bar of the iTunes I do not see my iPhone's voice memos. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    I don't understand why my Voice Memos are showing greyed out in the iTunes / Devices / phone / Voice Memos section. There is a list of voice memos there and they are greyed out. I do see the voice memos in the iTunes Music section and can listen to them there on my macbook but i don't understand why the list is greyed out in the devices section of iTunes.
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    I did the same thing and synced my iphone 3Gs to my computer in ITUNES, selected include voice memos but nothing shows up in my itunes account. Can anyone help me? Plus once I get it to work can I download the memos onto a CD or memory stick?
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    I'm having the same problem. The voice memos do not transfer to my G5. Some people get a Voice Memo folder in iTunes but I don't. On the smaller sized memos I have been e-mailing them to myself and then they show up int iTunes. Once they get into iTunes I found them in a folder called Unknown Artist.

    It would be really helpful if some one could fix this problem with the transfer. I have recorded my 99 year grandmother using this but because they are too long and the transfer doesn't work, I can't get them off my iPhone.
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    I'm not sure what would cause this, but you could try and see if you can grab the voice memos using PhoneView instead if all else fails. You essentially just fire up the program (or the demo) and you'll see a voice memo section.
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    I'm having the same issue: voice memos on my iPhone 3GS have stopped transferring to my iTunes on my iMac. It used to sync fine, but not anymore. (I can, however, transfer these older memos from the computer to the iPhone...).

    Does anyone know of a fix?