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It is unfortunate that a technology leader such as the iPhone is missing a significant feature that RIM and Android have, and likely losing market share accordingly.

Through the "Message Access Profile" bluetooth profile, Ford Sync cars (1+ million sold to date) have the ability to read out your text messages via bluetooth, ensuring that the driver isn't distracted. With so many laws banning driver distractions (hand-free requirements, no text messaging initatives), this is a significant safety issue for today's iPhone owners.

I have seen many posts for years from users wishing that Apple would get on board with this technology, but so far it hasn't been raised as a viable option to implement.

Please reply to this thread if you are one of the 1+ million Ford Sync owners who also own an iPhone and wish this feature was implemented. I luckliy own both a BlackBerry and an iPhone, but not all people do.

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