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Today I woke up and noticed that my iPhone calendars were missing. I'm hoping I can find a way to get them back.

I have a laptop (MacBook Pro - 10.6.4), an iPad, and iPhone (iOS v4.0) and my email accounts, contacts, calendars and bookmarks are synchronized between all the devices.

No updates to the iOS happened in the last three days.

Launching iCal on the iPhone shows the network activity icon (appears at the top of the iPhone next to the wifi icon).

Tapping on iCal from the iPhone shows a blank calendar. The correct day is selected, however no events are displayed. There is no option to select or filter calendars (option is typically available when there are multiple calendars to choose from.)

My iPhone seems to be the only device in the group that doesn't appear to be working. Oddly enough, all other content is syncing fine on the iPhone, laptop and iPad. Changes in contacts, bookmarks and everything else seem to work as expected. Calendar events, however do not show up on the iPhone but do show up on the Laptop and iPad as expected.

The iPhone does not show any of the available calendars. In fact, the device doesn't allow me to create a new event because there are no available calendars to choose from, and the phone requires this information.

What I've tried:
- Restarted iPhone
- Launch iCal on iPhone and wait (hoping calendar info is loading)
- Verified that the information is correct and available on me.com - it is - calendar data is not lost.
- Verified the settings on my iPhone (calendar data set to push along with contacts, bookmarks, etc)
- I've attempted to delete and reset the MobileMe account responsible for the push data on the iPhone. Interestingly I receive a warning that there are calendars on the phone that will be deleted.
- I've attempted to reset Sync History on the Laptop (primary data source)
- I've restored the iPhone with a complete reinstall and new sync after the restore (data still missing)
- Turned off syncing on iPhone. Restarted device and turned syncing back on. Receive message giving option to "merge" or "replace" calendars currently on the iPhone (attempted both with no luck).

My guess:
If I had to guess, it seems that I have a corrupt calendar file on my iPhone. The trouble is I have no idea how to remove the bad file and replace the existing data. I thought restoring the phone would do this, but it didn't.

Also, it may be helpful to note that I could not restore from the backup which was conducted just prior to the os restore. I had to do a fresh sync from my laptop to get the contact, bookmark and email data back on the phone.

Any thoughts on what I could try next?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.4)