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I placed my order through AT&T on july 8th around 5:30p.m., I noticed some people ordered July 7th and said they received their phone yesterday. My order still says backordered which I understand because it says 7-14 days, but some people received their phone within six days so I'm just trying to get a general idea.
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    I ordered my phone on the 7th and today is the 15th and I still have absolutely nothing. No tracking....nothing..just "in process" and "backordered".
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    I just ordered from ATT on the 12th, the day after my 3GS was stolen. My order just says "in process" not backordered. I chose ATT bc the wait time seemed shorter than Apple, but now I wonder...
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    I ordered mine on the 6th and accepted the terms on the 7th because thats when I got the email. I checked my order status today and still on back order. When I called 2 days ago (At&t) they told me theres a delay and that the most I can expect my phone is 14 business days from when I accepted the terms and conditions. I have seen others get their phones in less then a week on here from at&t, I wonder whats taking so long? Hopefully next week I will have it. They did tell me when I ordered it could take 7-14 "business" days but the sales rep told me as long as I accept the terms as soon as I get it I would receive the phone in 7 days.. 8th day and nothing
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    Yeah, I don't know, I just read a pat from someone saying they ordered theirs July 11th from AT&T and got their shipping notice email on the 12th and received the phone on the 13th. I don't know if people ae making this stuff up because I highly doubt you place an order on a Sunday and receive it on Tuesday. But if that's true I thought it was on a first come first serve basis?
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    I ordered mine on the 6th, and still nothing. I check the AT&T website, but it tells me the same thing. It's "In Progress" and also "Back Order". I went to the AT&T store and they told me another week until my phone comes.

    I just finished checking the AT&T website, and there is an estimated delivery of 7/16.

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    I ordered mine on the 6th in an ATT Store. I received it on the 12th. Would have been the 9th or 10th but FedEx doesn't come to the sticks on weekends.

    My local store told me they have been getting most of their orders filled in 3-4 days.
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    I ordered mine last night. Hopefully it will ship soon. I have a few friends that ordered theirs through AT&T and received it in less than a week. So... crossing my fingers.
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    I have also been checking my credit card to see if it gets charged for the iPhone and just about 10 minutes ago I checked and it was charged for the iPhone. So I got all excited and checked my email...nothing. So I checked the ATT website and it still says "in progress" and "backordered". I'm hoping my CC getting charged is ONE step closer to getting my iPhone!!! (ordered on the 7th through ATT store)