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I recently updated my firmware 4.0 to my IPhone. Since doing this the phone is just about useless except for phone calls and playing music. When I am indoors I loose my 3G and the network changes to a "E". The Maps application no longer works, I can't WIFI any more and the phone just operates very slow. I have a 16g phone with 13.5 available. Is any one else having trouble since this new firmware?

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    Have you tried a reset?

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    I tried a reset and didn't help. I need to sync again before I do a restore.
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    Agree with original post. iOS 4.0 is a disaster for those of us using iPhone 3G. I too have tried reset and restore to no avail. Even went to Apple Store yesterday and spoke with a "Genius" (what a misnomer). They said once update installed, no turning back. Wait for a update that "...will surely fix it".

    So today got notice that update i OS 4.01 is out and "ready for you to download". But description only talks about bars calculation fix, NOT all the slowness etc. that 4.0 caused. Accordingly, I'm skeptical about downloading another "Apple fix" when the last update I downloaded (i.e., 4.0) totally screwed up what was a perfectly good working phone.

    There are some "gray sites" out there that talk about a way to uninstall 4.0 and reinstall 3.13, but the "Genius" says this will void your Apple warranty/extended warranty.
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    Hmmm, I've had iOS 4 on my 3G since it was released and haven't noticed any issues with it. It does take more processing power, which may impact you... The past yr I have been a layman doing some beta testing for a Weather App and was notified a day after iOS4 came out, that many an App developer was caught off-guard as there were compatibility issues (refers to Integration Testing not being able to be accomplished in short time frame)... Depending on which Map software or app your using... may be impacted by iOS4? I have used iOS4 on my 3G and have used my iPhone map with no issues at all.

    My contract is expiring next week, but received my new iP4 48-hr's ago... my point, if your holding-off buying iP4 due to all the hype around the antenna and reception issues... buy it! no problems I've experienced at this writing. I've used it a day without a case on it, etc. and the past 24-hrs with my iFrogz Luxe case with no issues. If your like me, all this negative chatter is reminiscent of '08 after the 3G came out and I never had an issue.
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    Then consider your self blessed, do to the fact there are thousands of individuals who were not as fortunate as you have been. I installedthe iOS4 on my 3G and it turned it into a fishing line sinker, flat out use-less.

    I disagree with you, all these consumers who are having issues is not just negative talk, it is a reality, this iOS4 update in my opinion and I'm sure thousands of others would agree of whom have encountered numerous problems with this update. Shame on Apple who has not even acknowlege that it has created problems for the 3G user.

    Also if your a 3G owner who gives a **** about the warranty because more then likely it's run out, so what do we have, is thousands of consumers who at one time had perfectly working 3G, 3GS and the original iPhone that this iOS4 update has ruined, it has made these phones malfunction, and caused them to become so slow that it a pain to use the phone. So no it's not just negative talk!!

    I got so teed of I called Apple and they replaced the piece of **** iPhone that the iOS4 turned my phone into, and I am a proud owner of Apple computers, and have had numerous iPhone and this has been by far the biggest mess I have ever seen Apple create, welcome to Macrosoft!!!