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Okay, so I bought my macbook new in October '07. So the warranty is over. But I've noticed several cracks in my case since then. The first crack was in my top case, to the right of the trackpad. This was Fall of '08. I did a little research and found out that it was pretty common. So it took it in to the nearest AASP and they called apple, who paid to have my entire top case replaced, even out of warranty. Then about a year later (Fall '09), I had the exact same crack again, in the exact same place. I brought it in again and they called Apple, and they replaced it again. Which means I am on my third top case.

Now, only a couple months after, not only do I have a third crack in the exact same place, but there are several other cracks all over. There are two on the case housing my screen, one above each bump (whatever you call it) that holds my mac slightly open when I close it. There is another crack on the side, next to the optical drive, coming from the screw; I'm assuming that this one is from the repair technician over-tightening it last time he swapped out my top case. Finally, the fifth crack is on the back of the underside, where the vents are (and the speakers too, I think).

I called Apple a while ago to ask them if they would be willing to help me, and the guy said that all he could do would be to swap out my top case a third time. He also said this would be the last time they would do this.

Now it seems to me that these problems are a manufacturer defect, or perhaps a faulty design. Either way, the fact that Apple has been willing to replace the top case three times out of warranty suggests they do not consider it my fault or even normal wear and tear.

Of course, my computer still works fine. I know these cracks are only superficial but they bother me and I know these cracks are only going to get worse over time and may become dangerous to the internals as they seem to be structurally important.

I'm sorry for writing the huge novel for you guys, but I was wondering about what options you think I have. I would really like to get this problem fixed once and for all. But all Apple's willing to do is replace the top case again but that's only one of the five cracks and the most it'll do is make this one crack a non-issue for a year, max. Any suggestions?

Macbook, mid 2007, Mac OS X (10.6.4), 2.16 GHz
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    You can:

    1. Press further and say if this issue isn't fixed on the third time, to ask for a whole new machine.

    2. If 1 fails, ask one of these places to fix it:


    3. If they fail to replace it properly, it may indicate your bag needs replacing with one more sturdy for your line of work/commuting habbits etc...

    Note, a good notebook bag should not allow any inertia to shove other items in the bag into the machine with any force. It should also be able to protect the machine against door jams, bumping into people in crowds, and small particulates that might be in your bag from pencils and other materials.

    Furthermore, I recommend NOT leaving your machine on while in transit. Some computer programs have been known to wake up the machine in the middle of transit, causing the heat of the screen to overheat elements of the computer if it is left on for a long enough period of time. Shut it down.