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"zoom" means a number of things - what I would like is to have the edit window or any of the other panels to zoom so that the small text (which is hard to read on my display) appears bigger. I'm not talking about "zoom editor in" or making the xcode window fill the display. Nor do I want to change the font size for various text strings as found in the preferences.

I just want the panels' text to appear larger on-screen, like you can do in Pages to "enlarge or reduce the view" by a given percent, e.g. 200%. Can that be done? I can't find the magic incantation if one exists.

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    The keyboard zoom is what I'd use as a last resort. I'm thinking of the feature most word processors have along with so many other apps that let the user enlarge the text. For example, both Word and Pages let you magnify the text without having to change its font size.

    The zooming/enlarging/magnifying - whatever you call it - does not change the defined font size, it just magnifies the text so those of us who aren't under 40 years old can read the screens these days.
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    There are three ways of 'zooming in'. First one is to enlarge the pixels, Magnifier style (and also that of bitmap editors such as Photoshop).
    Second one is to change the font size in your panel and don't do anything else. That will cause the text to become larger, but it will also re-wrap, because the panel itself does not scale.

    I guess you are looking for the third way: zooming in on a 'virtual' image. The text wrapping ought not to be changed, so you are looking at only a part of the original image (and scroll bars are required to see the rest).
    For this to work, you'll have to do quite some programming. You need a sort of "100%" view, so you could start with wrapping the text 'normally' inside the panel. If you zoom in, you calculate the new 'virtual' bounds of the panel, draw your text at the same proportionally larger point size, then display part of it in the available space.

    Does anyone know if Cocoa scales its fonts and spacing up linearly? I.e., do you get the +same result+ for, say, a 10 pt text wrapped inside a 100 pixels wide box as a 20 pt text inside a 200 pixels wide box? If not, you might have to write your own text wrap routine that does work like that.
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    I'm not talking about programming a magnify feature in some app that I'm developing in Xcode - I'm talking about the Xcode interface itself. When I click on the left panel of Xcode to select an .m file, say, and the code appears in the editor panel, the text is too small for my aging eyes. I was hoping Xcode has some magnifier setting, like word processors, to make the text look bigger on screen. (Why does text have to be so small in the editor, and in the other panels using today's monitor resolutions?)

    Someone suggested using the keyboard zoom - well, yes, that's one solution, but not a good one. I don't like pushing the cursor around to slide the view around the virtual, "full" window.

    But I have come up with a solution. In preferences, fonts & colors, I duplicated the Xcode default twice - one for printing using size 9 for all text types, and a second for viewing on screen using size 16. That will work for me.
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    To enlarge text go to the Xcode preferences, and select Fonts & Colors. Here you can change the font size. Try out the Presentation preset, it has a large font (size 18). I personally use the Midnight one (size 11).
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    The preferences suggestion is helpful for my immediate needs, but it would be very conventient to have the ability to have a hot key combo (ctrl?) + scroll to zoom like other applications, I am speaking of VS specifically. It seems like this would be the intuitive thing for anyone to do. I know it was my first instinct. Since I am a beginner, this suggestion is especially useful. It doesn't seem to be reserved for any other functionality, I don't see why this wouldbe hard to implement. It is probably worth it.



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