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I have two audio books on itunes but they arent on my ipod, when i turn syncing them to my ipod it doesnt work, ive also tried draggig them to my ipod to sync but still nothing happens can anyone help with this problem please

Ipod 3G, Windows 7
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    I also cannot sync my audible books onto my IPOD classic itunes v9.2 - it will sync the music/books from itunes store but all of my audible book downloads have disappeared from my ipod. They are on the itune account but simply will not download to my IPOD. Microsoft is also reporting that itunes does not have a microsoft digital signature and so my pc refuses to upgrade v9.2 with CD/DVD devices.I really hate it when Apple does these upgrades without doing full beta testing for all products. I did restore my IPOD and I also uninstalled and reinstalled Itunes but v9.2 will not co-ooperate. Does anyone have a solution out there?
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    I haee the same problem with itunes - all my Audible audiobooks show in the "books" list in itunes, but not in the books tab when I click on my device for selection and they won't download. I've re-downloaded a couple of books, and they don't work either. The one difference is that the 1 book that does download is listed as type "Protected book", whereas the ones that don't download are "Audible file".

    Is there a way to recover itunes 9.2 which seemed to work?
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    I may have found a workaround - click "manually manage music and videos", then go into the books library, highlight the books you want to put on the ipod, and drag them to the device, a sync happens, and they're on my ipod touch, under audiobooks on the ipod, but the category is called books in itunes.
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    OK, now this has gotten very strange. After using the manual method workaround I noted in my last post, I turned it off, sync'd again - AND EVERYTHING WORKED THE WAY IT SHOULD! In other words, manually sync'ing a few books appears to have "primed the pump" (or built the right data structures), and now things work right.

    I still wish (as do others) that Apple would actually QA their new iTunes versions with audible and not just their own store- particularly since the itunes store sells audible books!
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    where would i go in order to manually do anything?
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    Open itunes, connect the ipod, click on the ipod device. At the bottom of the sync summary page are 4 (I think) buttons, one says "Manually manage...", click that one. Then go back to your audiobooks, and drag 'n drop one of them onto the ipod device in the list on the left.
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    Hi all

    I loaded a new iPhone over the last few days, but it didn't load my audiobooks. After much frustration (and a wee bit of swearing) I found a check-box at the bottom of the 'Books' page to sync audiobooks (scroll down a bit). One check and I sat red-faced as the books were imported.

    This may not be the same problem that you're all having, but I'm a guy who doesn't read instructions and is easilly distracted by shiny things (**** it).

    Hope this helps.