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Hi, I Have a problem... When I bought my current ipod touch (1st gen) the computer I had used in conjunction with my ipod from the beginning was my work laptop. Now I have moved company and subsequently no longer have that laptop as I had to return it to the company.

I now have a new laptop, and when I went to sync my ipod to this computer itunes wont let me, the only option I get is to erase all that is there or cancel. Which considering how much time I invested in building my library up and adding cd's which I no longer have I am getting really frustrated as I'd like to be able to manage my music and add new stuff.

Please help and advise if there is ANY way of getting this done.

Many thanks in advance.


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dell latitude e5410, Windows XP
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    bump. anyone? surely someone has had this issue??
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    perhaps this post by Zevoneer helps.


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    Ipod touch will sync with ONE and only ONE computer at a time. When you sync to another, it will indeed erase the current content and replace with content from the new computer.

    You need to move the music from the old computer to the new one first. You can use you backup copy if you no longer have access to the computer.

    Certainly you didn't have your only copy of you itunes content on a work computer? No backup?
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    it seems like a very simple solution, plug your ipod into new computer, transfer perchuses from your ipod then sign into itunes on your pc or mac while on the itunes aplication then when it says this music cant be synced because its not on the origanal computer, then go to advanced in the top menu and authorise computer,
    then your done ;]