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Question: MacBook Pro 2011 not charging green light on charger

Hi everyoe,

When i plug the charger on my Mac there's green light but the battery not charging, usually when charging its orange, the battery level on the side is one green light blinking. Its completely dead and I can't power on. I found a way to power on the machine (press SHIFT + Ctrl + CMD and the power button for 10sec after that i keep holding the power button for another 10sec) it powers on using AC but now the battery is not detected and no blinking light on the side ! Have done SMC reset and all still no fix!

I changed the batterie and i tried another battery of my friend .. i got the same probleme


There is NO BATTERy ICON this is only the way to turn on my MAC

Posted on Oct 9, 2019 6:51 AM


Oct 9, 2019 5:45 PM in response to CynicB In response to CynicB

See this Apple article for troubleshooting Magsafe power adapters and the Magsafe port on your laptop:


Unplug your power adapter from the electrical outlet for a minute to reset the internal circuitry of the power adapter.

Are you sure your friend's battery is in good condition? If your friend's battery has been sitting for a while the battery may have become completely discharged and damaged. If your friend's laptop is still working, then try both batteries in your friend's laptop to charge them up and check their health. You can check the health of the Battery by Option clicking on the battery icon on the menu bar. Any condition other than "Normal" or "Good" means the battery should be replaced. If you see an "X" on the battery icon or no battery icon at all, then the battery is most likely bad.

If you put a known good working battery into the laptop and the battery is not seen, then you most likely have a defective Logic Board.

Oct 9, 2019 5:45 PM

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Oct 10, 2019 5:26 AM in response to HWTech In response to HWTech

Hi, Thanks for the reply bro,

I read the article everything is okay, I think, there is no damage on magesafe, the battery of my friends is in a good health he still uses his Mac, I tested my friend battery when I don't have a new battery I buy one from Ebay when I replace the old battery with the newone everything is okay the battery is in good health I check it with coconutBattery but the battery not charging at all, I got the message the battery not charging the same thing when I plug my friend battery.

The battery icon is not seen just when I turn the computer on with (SHIFT + Ctrl + CMD and holding power button ... )

Some times I unplug the battery and the magesafe then i hold the power button 8s after that i plug the magesafe and the battery .. the computer turn on the battery icon appear with 0 percent and the mac becomes very very slow i can do nothing ..

so please help see !! and if i still using my mac without the battery what's can happen ?? any damage ??

Oct 10, 2019 5:26 AM

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Question: MacBook Pro 2011 not charging green light on charger