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    Same deal - I can recreate the antenna drop consistently by holding the phone in my left-hand.
  • The USA Level 1 (0 points)

    Exactly. So what was the point of this fix? It's just a temporary distraction, to shift the conversation temporarily. This facial change to the aesthetic presentation of the bars, which has nothing to do with the antenna glitch, should have been delayed. They should not have made people wait two weeks, for a "supposed" fix, when it was nothing more then a marketing distraction to save some "Public Relations Face"
  • deggie Level 9 (52,130 points)
    The point, which Apple said all along, was to correct the algorithm used to calculate signal strength to match industry standards using a formula they received from AT&T. Nothing more, nothing less. And they don't claim in the update it will fix the antenna issue, the proximity sensor issue, it won't solve global warming, it will not bring world peace.

    It just makes a cosmetic change to the bars and changes the formula for the display. They said that this was incorrect and a software update would be released to correct it. And now it has been.

    In the meantime, back at the ranch, Apple has a press conference tomorrow presumably to discuss all of this. Why not wait to see what they say at that time? Also 4.1 is released to developers, it no doubt contains other bug fixes.
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    The USA wrote:

    Exactly. So what was the point of this fix?

    The point of the fix is to more accurately let you know your signal strength... If you have 4 or 5 bars showing, even if you do have the antenna issue, you will know that you can still make a call and it won't drop... if you only have one bar showing before o make the call and you have the death grip issue, then you know you shouldn't make the call is that coverage area, but wait until you have more bars.... It's to allow you to apply your common sense to your phone usage, just like you would with any other phone...

    I had 5 bars in my home before the update, and now have 4.... so nothing has really changed for me, but a more accurate signal reading will explain to people who thought they were losing 5 or 4 bars worth of signal by grasping the phone the wrong way, that they are only losing the expected 20d.

    How does this help you? At least here in the US, ATT is trying to improve their coverage... Put their Mark The Spot app on your phone and use it whenever you have a dropped call or can't get a signal or are getting a very weak signal... it reports problem areas to ATT Network Operations and I can tell you from personal experience that they do act on the information they receive. (My frequently travelled through "dead zone" on the FDR Drive is no longer dead!) In fat they updated this app just yesterday so when you submit a spot to them, it now asks your permission to run a diagnostic that will accompany the report...
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    For me the ONLY difference is the bars are taller. I get the same number of bars (1-4) as before.
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