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Video from the iPhone 4 is an impressive improvement to that from the earlier 3GS model, however this improvement has now taken the video produced by the phone 4 beyond the maximum specifications for video playback on the Apple TV.

This tip discusses the simple steps to create Apple TV compatible content from your iphone 4 recordings as well as a number of ways to make your videos available to the Apple TV.

_Moving video from the iPhone._

Mac: Video can be imported using iphoto or image capture, where it can be transferred to itunes or editing software as required. iMovie can import directly through iphoto, other editing software will need to import the video once it has been transferred from the phone.
PC: Make sure that digital camera notification is enabled and that you have selected the desired actions and programs to handle your photo and video import.

_Converting your video._

You can convert iPhone 4 video very simply in one of two ways:
1; Once imported into itunes, choose "+Create iPad or Apple TV version"+ from the "Advanced" menu.
2; You can also use the iPhone's "iMovie" app to edit video on the phone, if you do this be sure to export to 540p.

Given the quality of the iPhone 4's video you may well have decided instead to edit your clips in a dedicated editor such as iMovie, any video editing software with quicktime export options will likely have an Apple TV export preset. Refer to the manuals for your editing software if you wish to perform manual exports.

*The iPhone 4 records at 1280 x 720 @ 30 fps, you should export to 960 x 540 @ 30 fps. It is advised that you do not change the frame rate of your source video.*

_Alternatives to itunes for viewing iPhone 4 video on the Apple TV._

You can also upload your iphone 4 video to Mobile Me or YouTube for use with your Apple TV, both your computer and your iPhone are capable of uploading video to these services, however please note that video uploaded to Mobile Me from the iPhone cannot be seen on the Apple TV, nor can video uploaded to Mobile Me from the computer in some circumstances, as explained in this tip:


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