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When I connect my iPod touch to my computer, it is set to automatically sync. When I make a playlist, I look on my iPod (after the EXTREMELY long time it takes to update the library) and some of the songs aren't there! This is extremely frustrating because i have to manage my playlists on my iPod and I can't have more than one at a time. It seems to be a problem with the newer songs (which I have downloaded through my iPod) but it works fine with the older ones. Can someone help please!

Dell Inspiron 1420, Windows Vista
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    Ahh! I think I know why! It appears that these songs have not been transferred to my iTunes library. I will try that and let you know what happens.
    NOTE: Make sure the songs on your iPod and the songs in your library have the same info. For some reason it shows the information in your library, not your iPod
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    Yes it worked! It also fixed the problem of the extremely long updating time. Now it is only a few seconds xD
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    Ok, I had the same problem with only one playlist. I consolidated my library and synced my iTouch again, but it still isn't syncing. My playlist has 1009 songs, and the iTouch only has 768 songs. This is a second generation iTouch with the newest software.
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    How do you consolidate your songs into the library? If you also had trouble with songs you bought on your itouch then why would it not be transferred to the library upon syncing?
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    Go to File; Library; Organization; Consolidate Library. It does it automatically. As for the songs, I haven't boughten any through my touch yet. Only two artists are transferring, and both of those I imported on CD. I don't think the library was the culprit here, though; since it didn't fix the problem. I'm udsing a workaround now: I made the smart playlist in iTunes and then dragged all those songs to a new manual playlist. That playlist synced perfectly.