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Following IOS4 messing about Apple told me to send my phone 3g in and they would send me a new one as it was only 2 months old, It was received today and is now at

Step 2
Diagnosing product (16-Jul-2010)

How long does this diagnosing usually take?

iPhone 3g, iOS 4
  • DaVBMan Level 6 Level 6
    Not sure about UK.
    But when I had to send a phone in before.
    I called.
    Next day got box with temp phone.
    Sent back that day.
    They got next day.
    Two days later I got my refurbished phone back and sent back in temp phone.
  • wegras Level 6 Level 6
    Too late now but best route is at Genius bar at an Apple store . If its a hardware issue they usually replace on the spot free if in warranty and no damage or for a fee for out of warranty iphones
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    They did offer me that option but I am no where near an Apple store, they gave me 3 options.

    1- Take it to an Apple store
    2- Advanced Repair, the send out a temp phone and a box for me to send mine back for repair, once repaired they send it out with another box to send the temp back, but a £300 deposit was required for this.
    3- They send out a box, I send it in, they send it out once repaired

    3 Is the option I went with.
  • dj9928 Level 1 Level 1
    Its now at step 3

    Step 3 - Return

    Product replacement pending (16-Jul-2010)

    Does this mean I should have a phone shortly?