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Help!!! My 106gb classic has frozen,havent got a clue hw or why, Its less than 7mths old and is just stuck displaying my artist lists! Wont charge or sync with itunes, wont turn off!! Other than taking it back to an apple store, has any one got any suggestions?? Thanks, Fitsy.

dell, Windows Vista
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    Hello fitsy,
    And welcome to Apple Discussions!

    Have you tried a reset of the device yet? To do this, toggle the hold switch on and off, then press and hold the Select (Center) and Menu buttons together until the Apple logo appears. If no luck the first time, give it another shot or two.

    Otherwise, you may have to wait for the iPod's battery to completely drain. Once it has, go ahead and connect it to a power source long enough for it to power on. If the issue persists, you may want to reconsider restoring your iPod via iTunes.

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    What can I say, worked on the second go! Your a "STAR" B-ROCK!!!
    Thanks heaps,I thought for a moment my 11yr old son would yet again have delight in tellin his mates what a twit his old man is!! LOL!
    Thanks again, problem solved,panic over! Regards, Fitsy.
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    No problem. Glad to it resolve the issue. Best of luck that iPod and don't hesitate to ask any more questions whenever you need to.

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    Here is another question for you more advanced technical wizards!!!
    My Two sons have Ipods, one is an early 4Gb nano and the other is a 1Gb shuffle,
    I have a 160Gb classic,mine works fine and I am able to sync with my itunes on my laptop, but for some reason niether of the boys will register when conected to the computer so can no longer sync either of them, was working fine,but not now!! Can some one please advise this old dinosoar!! Regards, Fitsy.
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    hmm what exactly happens on the iPods and on the computer when you connect them?, does nothing happen at all or does iTunes give any warning message or anything like that? try a simple reset for now, idk how for the shuffle (definitely on apple support pages though) but for iPods with screens hold down menu and center buttons for 6 seconds
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    Hi I hope somone can help..... I have an 80gb classic and everytime I turn it on all I get is the Apple logo and nothing else happens. I'm probably not doing something really simple that I should be but can anyone help me out please?