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If I receive a call on my iPhone 4 (answered or missed) then someone tries to call me back within 20-30 seconds, it goes straight to voicemail. After this period, the phone is available to receive calls again.

The circumstances seem to be:

- Non-3g area or 3g turned off (i.e. works fine in a 3g area with 3g turned on)
- Cellular Data turned on (i.e. if I turn cellular data off it works)

I am on an O2 contract with the default idata.o2.co.uk settings in cellular data.

A friends iPhone 4 on O2 PAYG work perfectly.

I have tried deleting all Apps, reset the phone, restored the phone and had a replacement phone and it still does not work.

It does this using iOS 4 and the new 4.0.1

I have spent ages on calls with O2 and Apple who say they cannot take it any further.

My 10 year old Nokia will received calls without a problem using the SIM, so the SIM is not the problem.

Anybody else have the same problem?


iPhone 4, iOS 4
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    Well I can say, that if your phone is using data when not in 3G area for any reason then you cannot receive a call. This is due to how non 3G data networks operate (they cannot do data and voice at same time). Thus when not in 3G, and you hang up, it could be that since the phone was unable to go check mail or other tasks while you were on the phone, it goes off and does them after you hang up thus data is being used thus you cannot receive calls.

    Regardless of phone, if you now are using a phone that uses data more then you are going to see blocks in cell when data is being used when not in 3G area. It has zero to do with the iPhone. I can bet you didn't have your 10yr old Nokia checking your mail, checking for voice mail to download, checking if apps are up to date, getting push notifications etc etc.

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    I fully understand your point, but why does my friend's iPhone 4 not do this? His is also checking for data surely?
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    Timing perhaps. Can you repeat the issue every single time, or just noticed it now and then when not in 3G. Does he/she have 3G when you don't?
    How long were you on the phone (did the phone miss a email check if set to interval while on the phone thus waiting for you to hang up to check).
    There are many factors.
    Highly doubt it is about iPhone4 vs another iPhone4 (or older), but rather what is the phone doing with data network when a call comes in.

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    I can replicate this problem 100% of the time - it is not just an occasional problem. My friend's iPhone was sitting next to mine, is on the same network, and both did not have 3g and both have been tried with 3g specifically turned off. I can replicate his working 100% of the time.

    Does anyone else have this issue if you test out these circumstances?
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    My iPhone 4 does not accept a call and it goes straight to voicemail. It happens intermittently so difficult to re-produce. My 3g is switched off permanently.

    Any ideas?