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NextelMichaelG Level 1 Level 1
can you guys report if the iOS4 update released Thursday addressed the problems with the Bluetooth connection/sound quality/voice clarity?? I haven't updated my iPhone 4 yet so I can't test for myself. But i'd like to know if the muffled voice issue has been resolved, thanks!

(My bluetooth device: Plantronics Voyager Pro)

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  • shoeshine boy Level 1 Level 1
    it did not fix mine. I thought it did as it worked great last night but this morning I'm back to the same old muffled voice complaints.
    running a Motorola H17, btw.
  • NextelMichaelG Level 1 Level 1
    AND........................nothing on the bluetooth issue (re: Apple's Press Conference). GRRRREAT! (sarcasm!) Steve Jobs' best bet would be to read his OWN "" website and see what so many of his "beloved users" are complaining about! Thanks Steve!!... thanks!-fer'nuthin!
  • kohanmike Level 2 Level 2
    I have the Plantronics Voyager Pro that was dropping the bluetooth connection every 10 to 15 minutes, even though the phone was in my left chest pocket and Voyager on my left ear. I upgraded to 4.01 a couple of hours ago and so far the connection has not dropped.
  • Vetter1 Level 1 Level 1
    Nope. Still have issues. On my second iPhone 4. New phone worked great for about 5 days. Now back to same muffled problems and range down to less Than 2 feet. Really ***** holding my phone next to my head just to use my Bluetooth head set. Kinda defeats the purpose. Apple, do you really want to help customers? How about some help with this?
  • agabey Level 1 Level 1
    I upgraded mine and still have that problem.
  • jmkokopeli Level 1 Level 1
    I am still have the same problems with both of our iPhone 4's in our household. Our Plantronics Voyager Pro's have the same problem with incoming calls as did the replacements we bought and returned trying to fix the problem (Jabra Stone and Sound ID 510). I have been talking with Apple support and hoping for a fix.
  • hoo Level 1 Level 1
    I've tried it on 2 new iPhone 4 (first one was replaced by apple for the proximity sensor and the BT). I have the same problem.

    I have tried 2 brand new Motorola H17, and the 2009 Jawbone Noise Assasin on both iPhone 4's that I've had. Same problem of muffled, can't understand, etc.

    I hear everyone fine, and I pair fine.

    Oddly enough, there have been times when people report that they hear me great. I thought I had solved by thinking it works only if you do not start (initiate or receive) the call from the BT and you turn it on and transfer over to BT after the call has connected, but, it worked good for a day, and then today it was back to the same "what?" "huh?" "get out of the tunnel" "are you holding your hand over the mic?"

  • Vetter1 Level 1 Level 1
    Nope. Neither did a replacement iPhone. It must be software or ? I hope they figure it out soon. ******* a lot of people off that's for sure including me.
  • NextelMichaelG Level 1 Level 1
    omg.. okay.. i thought about going to Costco and buying a Jawbone just to test it out.. but sounds like you guys have tried w/multiple bluetooth devices and it's not helping any .. what's even more sad is you've also stated you've exchanged your phones and it still doesn't get any better. i was hoping an exchange would help~i have read some ppl's stories that they exchanged their phone and their bluetooth problems got resolved (one guy even reporting ,w/a pic to show, being ~40ft away w/no issues!).. i get about 20ft and my bluetooth just straight up disconnects!

    but this is the crazy story:: im having a unique issue in my kitchen (which is very very small!).. i put my phone on the dining table and walk 4ft to the sink and ppl say i sound robotic, like the Transformers talk in the movie.. but if i walk elsewhere (not into the kitchen), it seems to work ok. now i have a Nextel phone too.. i can repeat what i do and not have any robotic sounds.. i have never had any problems using my bluetooth with my Nextel or my iPhone 3G, never ever-ever!! whut the heCKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!
  • NextelMichaelG Level 1 Level 1
    oh, i must include that i have not and, for the most part, do not plan on upgrading to the 4.0.1 update since Apple has not made any indication that the update addresses Bluetooth problems and my phone works gReat in all other aspects! (with an exception to the proximity sensor issue--seems like this problem exists w/ 100% of owners!)
  • bogiboy Level 1 Level 1
    drops every 15 mins and sounds muffled on the other end. this update seems to have made it worse. please fix!!!
  • NextelMichaelG Level 1 Level 1
    i went into Walnut Creek, CA Apple store today and asked them for a new iPhone 4 bcuz i'm having bluetooth issues.. they wanted to test my phone, i said sure!~COME TO MY HOUSE!!.. of course, they didnt, tested my phone + bluetooth in the store, and everything worked fine.. i made it very clear it was intermittent but still a very serious PROBLEM for me... they wouldn't exchange my phone because i could not reproduce my problem in the 5min i had w/ the support staff.. =/ i think i'll do what many here have done, just call AppleCare when it's acting up so they can NOT HEAR ME and HEAR the problem that i'm having...
  • iDavid G Level 1 Level 1
    Didn't update yet because I've learned to wait these things out. I too have the muffled bluetooth issue with my Sony PS3 Bluetooth earset.
  • hoo Level 1 Level 1
    On my 3rd iPhone 4. Bluetooth issue still exists. Proximity sensor issue still exists. This totally *****
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