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    I had an appointment with a Genius at the Apple store this past Friday. He replaced my iPhone and since I have no problems with muffled voice and Bluetooth. Thank you, Apple!
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    Bluetooth issue can be simply be fixed by starting calls while you're connected to BT headset first :P if you try to switch from phone to BT headset during the call, sound quality is muffled it's weird, but it works for me
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    agabey wrote:
    I had an appointment with a Genius at the Apple store this past Friday. He replaced my iPhone and since I have no problems with muffled voice and Bluetooth. Thank you, Apple!

    consider yourself extremely* LUCKY!!!.. i had an appt., and left w/my same phone.. they would not replace it (could not reproduce the problem in the store-at the time..) it's unpredictably intermittent.. uggghhh!!!!!
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    they wouldn't replace mine either even though the guy said he could replicate the muffled sound. the tech replicated it on both a 4 and a 3g. when I asked him, "was the 3g updated with the 4.0 software?" he looked at me and said, "I don't know...." gee, maybe you should know, ya think?
    I didn't push hard for a replacement but basically the tech said it was most likely a software issue (I happen to agree) and we would all just have to wait for the fix.
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    sandycec wrote:
    Guys, finally some good news (I guess). Took my iphone4 to the Genius bar tonight. Explained the problem of caller hearing our voice muffled. Initially, he went through the routine of how he has never heard this complaint before till now blah blah. I told him bluntly how all the apple stores and the apple customer support over the phone have been saying that to everybody complaining about this bluetooth problem even the number has grown significantly now. I also made him read this forum's thread so that he can understand the magnitude of this issue. I told him about the different theories going around such as WiFi interfering with bluetooth operation or the Noise cancellation mic picking up our voice when talking through Bluetooth handsfree set etc. I also asked if he is aware of this issue being rectified in the OS4.1 to which he replied that as far as he knows all they fixing primarily is the proximity sensor issue.

    I told him that I already tried their phone support once but all they could suggest was resetting the phone to factory settings and if it still doesn't work get a replacement. He went to settings>General>About and said if there is hardware problem then the bluetooth device's number wouldn't be displayed there which obviously wasn't the case with my phone. So he said the device must be good and so there is no need for replacement.

    He then suggested that he take it inside because he has some kind of "bluetooth tester". After 10 mins, he came out and said he was actually able to replicate that problem of the caller on the other end hearing out muffled voice and so he contacted Apple's main tech center or whatever that place is called and they clearly informed him that they are aware of this issue and working on it and a fix would be issued in the OS4.1 when its released. Also apprarently that tech center had received these complaints already and are working on it. The diagnosis run on my phone would also be sent to their tech center in order to help them fix this software bug. He did mention that in OS4.0 Apple had written the code for bluetooth from the scratch which might I have led to the bugs not existent in the previous versions .
    When asked for a release date for the OS4.1 he replied that he expects it to take like two months(!) though the OS4.0.1 got released very quickly.
    So to summarize it does look like apple is aware of this frustrating issue and are going to have a fix for that in OS4.1. I hope all these are true and not just some marketing gimmick by apple's PR & Marketing to prevent people from returning the phones before the 30day period ends. All said and done, it is incumbent on Apple's part to atleast respond to customers properly. I understand it takes time to fix things. But customers are more frustrated by the silence rather than the actual problem itself. Anyways, keeping my fingers crossed and holding on to the iphone...

    just wanna share the post above, with you all.. it's some~what hopeful, if it's true.. :-/

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