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last night I could not get pages to work, I'd click on it, and the little color wheel would show up, had to use force quit. I tried notes, same thing. iPhoto would show the pics but wouldn't quit, had to force quit. I tried sarfari it would get the blue bar about 1/2 way across the home page address. I tried restarting, I tried to unplug and replug the machine. I turned it off for 2 hrs and came back, and everything seems okay. Any thoughts? I have 2
1) my wife had been using it and was taking alot of iphotos from the main page and putting them into a folder, did this jamb it up and was processing them?
2) it was hot in the room, and the computer was on for a long time, could it have over heated?? is there a way to tell??
thanks for your help!!

Imac-intel, Mac OS X (10.6.4), snow leopard