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I'm still waiting to hear back from Apple, but thought I'd give it a shot here. For some reason, switching e-mail address (thus Apple iTunes IDs) is not a very intuitive process, and somehow I've ended up with two iTunes accounts--one connected with a no longer accessible e-mail address. Apple tells me there's no way I can combine accounts and I'll just have to live with it. No problem. But now I can't access my original account (and the password hint: birthday says it doesn't exist). To make matters worse, some of my music-- a lot--has been downloaded with that account and several apps on my iPhone want the information for updating.

Any ideas?


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    i am in the same boat and nothing.

    have you heard from apple?

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    Well, no I haven't heard from Apple yet. But I'm slightly embarrassed. When I was told there was no way I could combine accounts, the friendly Apple lady suggested I change the ID on the old account to be similar to my new ID. I did that (and promptly forgot about it). Until just now. Once again, I'm able to update my Apps, but it's still annoying you can't combine accounts.

    More than slightly embarrassed,

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    I know this is an old post, but I came across it because I ended up with the same situation and searched the forums for an answer. There is now a way to combine accounts via the website myinfo.apple.com. Log in>Manage Account>Then Manage e-mail and customer service told me my accounts would be combined in about 24 hours.
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    i'm in kinda same situation here. i tried to change my apple ID cause email got blocked, but now i cant login with neither of those two emails as my apple IDs. birthday date doesn't work. password reset emails are not coming. it's just like my apple acc was deleted or something. any ideas on this guys?