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so i just bought an imac today and out of curiosity i decided to try to pair my iphone 4 to the imac. it registers and says that its paired but will not connect...the blue tooth sharing is on on the imac and bluetooth is on on the iphone. if i to connect on the iphone it gives me the little spinning wheel then just goes back to saying not connected. during this if you watch the mac it says in the settings that its connected for a second then it goes back to not connected.. any ideas?

iPhone 4, iOS 4
Solved by Lyssa on Jul 16, 2010 11:45 PM Solved
Unless things have changed (and the user guide doesn't say differently) Bluetooth on the iPhone is for hands-free headsets, headphones, car kits and the Apple Wireless keyboard, along with certain iPhone apps. I believe it can also be used for Internet tethering, but I'm not entirely certain.

Here's the Apple list of profiles:

If you were hoping to transfer files via Bluetooth, that is not possible at this time.