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I'm facing trouble with the iphone-4 voice control. Its not correctly recognizing my voice commands. When I ask it to call a specific phone number it never dials the correct number, I have notice that it happens for some specific numbers when asked to dial. Also , songs are also sometime not correctly recognized and a wrong songs/album starts playing. But, when I tried same phone numbers or songs playing command on a Google Powered android phone..it recognizes all voice commands correctly and works perfectly fine. I think apple needs to fix this issue..right now the voice control ***** big time

MC319LL, iOS 4, iOS-4.0.1
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    I'm getting this too. It's very slow and apparently thinks "Call Sue Newport" sounds like "Call Halfords" or "Call Halyards" and, most surprisingly "Call First Great Western".

    I was wearing my Jawbone Bluetooth headset so it's nothing to do with background noise.

    I tried the new "What time is it?" command which works but takes about 10-15 seconds to activate.