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  • Mindblowerz Level 1 (0 points)
    My bumper is still in pre-order and it has yet to ship.

    However, after reading the horror stories here, I'm gonna use regular tape and tape up the inside of the bumper when I get it. I know its a pain but the pain would be less than seeing scratches on my beloved phone :P
  • mjwk90 Level 1 (0 points)
    The Apple Bumper Case is not an aftermarket product, It is made specifically for the Iphone 4, by APPLE INC.
  • Pete The Volcano Level 1 (0 points)
    Wow, you guys are an emotional and angry lot. Chill...
  • AndyLockhart Level 1 (0 points)
    No scratches for me whatsoever. I can't understand how the plastic would have the strength to make an indent into steel.
    Andy Lockhart
  • NBAKingzFan10 Level 1 (0 points)
    mjwk90 wrote:
    The Apple Bumper Case is not an aftermarket product, It is made specifically for the Iphone 4, by APPLE INC.

    So are you telling me that if, say, incipio makes a case specifically for the iPhone 4, that it's an aftermarket product, but if the OEM does the same thing and makes a case, it's not? Ridiculous

    Just because it is made by the OEM doesn't mean it can't be an aftermarket product. If it didn't ship with, and is not included in the original price of, the original product, it is still aftermarket.

    af·ter·mar·ket \-ˌmär-kət\ noun. - the market for parts and accessories used in the repair or enhancement of a product

    Any case, even that made by Apple, fits that description in the case of the iPhone 4.
  • reqelec Level 1 (0 points)
    the only problem I see here is that apple resolve a problem with a problem. They went from attempting to fix signal problem to causing scuff marks. Which isn't really good. I do agree with people here because I was hesitating to buy an iphone 4 a few weeks back because of the signal problem, but decide to buy because apple came with a solution, the bumper. Now I'm waiting for it to be delivered. The idea of me might have to find another case/bumper is horrible because apple iphone 4 signal problem is now something I have to fork out extra money to resolve which apple stated that the bumper would resolve. In my opinion, the bumper is a bad product if it cause other problem to resolve a problem. I guess to me if the apple stated from the beginning that the bumper will cause scuffs marks from the beginning, it won't be so bad. I think most people are just shock of the no notice after effect. I don't think it's a bad idea that apple need to know this and apple customer informs other apple customer. I think we do have the right to have choice to protect our possessions. If this issue is true, hopefully apple will come with a better solution because I do like their products. As for every higher end products should come with superior quality. It's just what people expect and what the market demands. my two cents. sorry for the long posting.
  • debbymilly Level 1 (0 points)
    Mine has been scratched too. I got the full back case instead of the bumper and after reading your post I checked my phone and low and behold a nice scratch exactly where the case says made in china!!!
  • Lucas_MAC Level 1 (0 points)
    I have no issue with the bumper scratching the side of the iphone only thing notice is that i cant plug to my usb at all. I have the iphone usb and it wont plug in because the bumper size of the jack is small.

  • Matthew Morgan Level 7 (22,600 points)
    Are you using the USB to dock connector that came with the iPhone 4?

    Some older cables have a larger plastic piece surrounding the dock connector that, as you've found out, will not work with the bumper on.

  • Lucas_MAC Level 1 (0 points)
    no...using the iphone cable that came with it. does not fit in the jack of the iphone with bumper. I have to remove the bumper to plug it in. The usb cable is from Apple. It is not second grade cable.
  • Matthew Morgan Level 7 (22,600 points)
    Are you near an Apple Store?

    If so, I'd drop by the Genius Bar and see if they can give you the proper cable.

    Or get in touch with Apple here:

    There are definitely two kinds of Apple branded cables out there. One the works with the Bumper and one that does not.

  • NBAKingzFan10 Level 1 (0 points)
    The problem is Apple didn't know the bumper caused scuff marks when they released it. Apple has little to no experience when it comes to making cases, especially for the iPhone. The Apple Bumper was an experiment more than it was a legitimate case. Just like Apples fist iPhone had a ton of problems, so, too, does Apples first case have a few problems of it's own. Nobody's first try at anything is completely perfect, and Apple has shown that time and time again when releasing new products. No one cried this much when their original iPhone had problems because they knew Apple would sort it out. Now everyone wants Jobs' head because of an overreaction to antennagate and a less than perfect 1st time case attempt. What a sad world we live in where we no longer stand by companies to help forge a solution but rather chastise and criticize them for trying something new and they get nothing but flak when it has problems (like everyone should have known it would have). I'll be surprised if apple makes another case for the iPhone, since people would rather cry about it than helping make it a potentially good product.

    I bet if iFrogz or Incipio made a case that scuffed your phone you wouldn't demand them to replace your phone, would you? No, it would most likely be a lesson learned, so why Apple?

    @reqelec, the whole post is not intended for you, in fact very little of it addresses your post. I hope you take no offense.
  • Matthew Morgan Level 7 (22,600 points)
    Just like Apples fist iPhone had a ton of problems

    I had a first generation iPhone. I don't recall "a ton of problems". Perhaps you can remind me?

  • Rhodesy989 Level 1 (0 points)
    hi i have noticed that you have tried removing the marks caused by cases on the iphone 4 antenna!! did your method really work and not leave tiny scratches from the pad?? also what way did u rub the pad up and down or left to right?? last question once u started did u have to do the whole antenna or did it just fade back in nicely

    im like you would rather fix it than return it for another phone that may have alot more known issues

    many thanks
  • sam jones Level 2 (150 points)
    incase is stronger than steel or whatever metal's Apple is using.

    Had a pristine iphone put on one of those incase cases on it, rubber, and went to clean the phone and the case had scratched the metal.

    Went to the Apple store and they told me that there is simply no way around it. Regardless of what case you buy it will scratch the metal.

    And this story is about the original iPhone...
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