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  • LOS15 Level 1 (5 points)
    My phone has scratches as well from the bumper.
  • Michael Smith3 Level 1 (135 points)
    First of all, I'm not going to say there aren't any issues with the iPhone Bumper. Indeed, I have my own issues with it, though not the same ones some of you do. But to call a product an "EPIC FAIL", AND THEN going ahead and purchasing ANOTHER one just sounds to me like an odd thing to do. If I am that unhappy with a product to the point that it is such a failure to me, NO WAY am I going to turn around and "throw good money after bad" so to speak, and purchase another one.

    It seems to me that Dayvid's issues lie with the bumper, NOT the phone.

    And as far as you're concerned aimetti, my mother didn't raise a fool. If you can't show some respect as well as some INTELLECT, you shouldn't even comment.

    And my thanks, Boone51.

  • Hammaad Level 1 (0 points)
    I've just had the exact same problem, i took the bumper case off to clean it and there was a load of black scuff marks and scratches everywhere and it almost seems as if there's no shiny stainless steel where my silent switch and hold button is as its riddled with so many scratches. I've had the case on for 1-2 months now scared that if i took it off i would scratch and made sure it was perfectly clean before i put the case on as well. To be honest im pretty ****** off right now
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    I have the same situation here too. Pretty mad about it. I also have been wondering, how does plastic scratch stainless steel? I dont get it..
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    So is Apple aware of this issue? What are they doing about it? Are the scuffs from the actual plastic or from foreign contaminants trapped between the phone and bumper?
    I just got my iPhone and purchased a bumper with it. Then I found out Apple should of given this to me for free. So I called them and they sent me one. Now I have 2 bumpers and don't know if I should use it?
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    I can confirm the same issue here!

    I had my iPhone4 in the bumper almost since day 1. I have never actually taken bumper off since I bought the phone in July. Couple of days ago to my sorrow surprise I have discovered that the entire metal raiser on side of the iPhone is scratched and discoloured, initially I hoped these are just dirt marks, but no they are not coming off whatever I try and are definitely permanent.

    I am guttered! The very item that should have protected my iPhone actually did more damage than if I would not have it at all. I had an iPhone 3G before for 2 years never used any protective cases with it and it actually looks better!

    Any ideas on taking it further with Apple?

    I have thought about some ealier comments that damage done by the user is not covered by the warranty, but at the same time UK consumer rights have provison that item sold has to be *'fit for the purpose'* where purpose of the bumper is by definition to protect phone from damage, in this case it seems the opposite happens.

    Hence, I strongly belive that there is a robust case againts Apple here.
  • fgehy Level 1 (0 points)
    I also noticed that I had a scuff mark on the steel band after removing the bumper. However, after close inspection, I saw that there was some dirt/dust on the bumper which corresponded with the area of the scratch on the steel. I'm sure there are faulty bumpers but as in my case, the scuffs/scratches may be due to dirt and not the bumper itself.
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    @fgehy, the dust you found might be just an artefact of friction between bumper and band, also you likely to have lots of dust from cloths fabrics, so it is highly unlikely to be direct cause of scratches.

    Some of you are saying that it is impossible for plastic to scratch metal because of the hardness, although this is true in principle - i.e. harder material should not be scratched by softer material there is no easy way to tell how hardness of particular plastic used compares against grade of steel used.

    For example polycarbonate plastic hardness is rated at M70 rockwell scale and steel depending on grade and alloy content can have anything from M30 to M110. Hence, in particular case of given plastic vs given steel it might be possible for plastic to scratch steel indeed.

    Also, we do not know manufacturing process used by apple, for example if and what coating might have been applied to protect the steel and it may as well be the softer coating that is being scuffed in the process.

    One is sure, this is very real and very annoing to find that your $900 toy has been ruined by the very thing that it should have been protected by!
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    I think Apple should send out these vinyl antenna stickers that wrap around the phone to protect it against the Bumper case. I think this would resolve the issue.
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    Hi All,

    I too have had an Apple bumper on my case since day 1, and recently noticed that the top of my antenna band had some scuff marks like what was described here, and there were some small scratches around the corners. Originally I was going to let it be, but i started noticing some sensitivity issues with my home button (see for a discussion relevant to my home button symptoms) which prompted a visit to the genius bar today, at which I decided to bring up the scratch marks issue as well.

    The man working there said that he had never seen anything like it before or heard of bumpers causing issues, and showed it to a few other genius bar employees who also had not heard of it. I showed them this thread and the various other sources online which report this issue, and they agreed to replace the phone for me, however my genius kept stating that he was very sure it was caused by dirt getting trapped under the bumper case (this could be true, however i make a point of trying to clean out grit from under the case every few days).

    So i guess the knowledge gained here is that Apple isn't highly aware of this issue (at least not to the point of informing its Genius Bar staff) but that they will be willing to replace it with a slight push.

    Hope this helps!
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    I've just put the pumper of my iP4 to plug an audio cable in (with I usually never do!) and there are severe scratches, not deep bad looking pretty bad!

    The problem with cleaning the bumper is thad you can't take him of very often. After a couple of time in the beginning he got pretty loose. Thats why I never took mine of at all ... well, till Today and now I will never take him on again.

    Do I get my iP replaced? They look VERY bad and I got the Bumper (and protection shields) to never let something like this happen in the first place.
    The scratches are on the complete bottom and the both top corners.

  • Teddychen Level 1 (0 points)
    All cases can potentially leave marks on a device. It is true that Apple Bumper can scratch the iPhone 4 stainless steel band. Solutions are:
    1. Get a Brasso (stainless steel polisher). This will polish the scratch and mark but not scuff
    2. Do not use cases
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    i have the same issue with my case. heading to apple shortly.

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    I have the exact same problem, so i bought a gear 4 case which just made it worse because it left marks in different places :/
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    You are 100% right.  I've had my iphone 4 since it first came out last July and I have had a bumper on it pretty much the entire time I have had the phone.  So about 9 or 10 months it's been on there so far.  I have never dropped my phone one time and there are no other scratches on the rest of the phone.  I took the bumper off for the first time last night and there are tons of scatches all over the steel band.  None of them are indented into the phone, it just looks like it has been rubbed from the plastic on the bumper and has rubbed the scratches into the steel.