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  • Unor Level 1 Level 1

    I have the exactly same issue with my first day released IP4.... had anyone got they're phone repaired for free from Apple due this? worth taking the Phone to Apple?

  • caro1128 Level 1 Level 1

    Is brasso really works to remove the scratch ??

  • Menzo666 Level 1 Level 1

    I have had my iPhone 4 since release day (meaning it's 91 days out of warranty) with a bumper on it since it came out of the box. I have just taken the bumper off so I could take photos for selling it to fund the next iPhone and realised I have about 10 of these scratches.


    After a 20 minute (£1) call to Apple which included speaking to a customer service rep that said "the bumper packaging has a warning on it that recommends they should not be used as they may cause these scratches" to which I LOL. Was then passed to a 'Senior Advisor' and was told that Apples official response to this issue is that after a year there could be a piece of dirt or sand that gets in between and causes the scratches and as such Apple will not be doing anything about it.


    I have taken considerable care of my iPhone 4 since I got it and the only marks on it are the ones caused by the bumper which Apple themselves provided to fix a problem with the original hardware. I have been left with a postal address to send a formal complaint to.


    I didn't think when it came up to the year warranty expiring that I needed to check if my apple bumper had scratched my iPhone yet.


    What are my chances of taking it to an apple store and getting it replaced? Especially with it being out of warranty? My nearest store is an 50 mile round trip, I don't want to waste even more money.


    Surely this is not a satisfactory response when they have a 14 page discussion with 77000 views on it.

  • blake123 Level 1 Level 1

    Since my first post, (which was back in June) I have taken my iphone back to Apple and had it replaced with a new one.  I bought my iphone 4 about a month after it was released and have had it until now.  I have taken it back three times and Apple has exchanged it everytime.  Apple is very good about returns as long as you have a decent reason.  The first two times were because the touchscreen on the iphone was freezing up.  The third time was because of the bumper scratching the **** out of the steel antenna band.  All three times I had legit reasons for them to replace it.  The last time I took my iphone back (due to the scratched up steel band) they gave me a new one and I immediately put it in an Otter Box and it has been in there since.  I highly recommend an Otter Box.  So far it is the best case that I have seen that protects your iphone.  I took my iphone out of the Otter Box a few days ago to clean the dust out of it and it still looks brand new like I just bought it.  If you want your iphone to look and stay new I would definately invest in an Otter Box.  It also helps with the grip of the iphone.  It is much more difficult to drop it with the Otter Box due to the rubber.  I have used just about every case (trust me) and this is the best that I have found.  Either an Otter Box or some kind of rubber case is what I would recommend.  Even though the Otter Box is plastic inside it is made perfectly and does not scratch the iphone.  The bumpers are the worst thing ever made.  I will tell anyone I see with a bumper on there phone that they are damaging their phone by having it on there.  Also, I can't wait for the iphone 5.  They are saying an announcement is coming October 4th.  I am already eligible for an upgrade and I can't wait. 

  • Matthew Morgan Level 7 Level 7

    So you had an iPhone with a scratched antenae replaced with a new one only to put it into a case that covers up the antenae?



  • blake123 Level 1 Level 1

    If I ever choose to take it out of the case I will have a new phone and not one that looks like crap.

  • James Willis Level 1 Level 1

    Did you actually try Brasso? Does it work?

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    i got this bumper when apple was giving them out for free, and i have so many scratches all around the steel band. i'm very careful with my phone too. i like the bumper because i love the thinness of my iphone, and the case would still protect it if i ever dropped it. the scratches are a huge letdown though. i'm not going to get the otterbox because although it does a **** good job of keeping your phone safe, it's too clunky for me; i like keeping my phone in my pocket, and having an otterbox would prevent me from doing that!


    i just got the 4S, and i was wondering if anyone knew any other cases that are thin, but doesn't damage the phone. there's no chance i'm not putting the bumper on this one.

  • zahikanaan Level 1 Level 1

    just think about this for a second. plastic vs stainless steel. you should expect the steel band to put a dent in the plastic case, NOT the other way around. basic chemistry.

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    Hasn't the bumper design changed since it's first release? I'm pretty sure it has, so can anyone coment on whether the issue has been fixed or not?

  • nayruiz77 Level 1 Level 1

    My bumper scratched my new phone 2!!!

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    One of the main problems is that I had to remove the bumber every time I wanted to charge the phone with an old style iphone/ipod charger cable becasue the case was not compatible. Consequently all the sides have become scratched, and eventually the bottom of the bumber around the charging port broke. Not happy at all.

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    200... i paid 800

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    The bumper didn't scratch your phone, but polished it for you. Originally it should look like anti glare films(you got the idea) and now the "scratches" are shiny (relatively). The bumper may have done this for you, since the plastic is hard. It rubs against the phone while you toss it in your bag or put it down and even holding it.


    I have a hard plastic case for mine and it left marks too.

  • Dayvidpriddy Level 1 Level 1

    I'm afraid you are incorrect honey!