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does anyone know how to make a complaint in writing to apple
i cant find a postal address or email anywhere on the apple website
i want to make a complaint about my 3g running slow
as do most 3g owners

macmini, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Do you know why there is no direct contact details?

    Cos they dont give a **** about us....they have links to tech support that no one answers. They have support forums that no one at Apple reads.

    If they did then a lot of the issues we are all having with our now useless 3g / 3gs phones would be receipted and addressed...THEY ARE IGNORED!!
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    If they are a registered business, they should be listed down as a business via business directories. Failing that, your nearest Apple store.
  • D.R.C. Level 1 (145 points)
    Corporate headquarters are at:
    1 Infinite Loop,
    Cupertino, CA 95014,

    CEO is at:
    steve at apple dot com