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Hey everyone. I bought my iPad on the release date, and I am now experiencing problems with the power button. The home button works fine, a kong with the volume controls, lock toggle switch and touch screen. I can turn the iPad off via the power button, however whenever I try to turn it back on, the power buttondoes not function properly. I hold it down for a long as I can and it doesn't turn on. I have to press and hold multiple times for it to finally turn on, and it is very discouraging. Here are the steps I tried.
1. normal turn off and turn on of iPad, doesn't work.
2. Restarted of iPad by holding down center button and power button, made it worse.
3. Software reinstall and backup, haven't been attempted yet.

How do i resolve this issue? Do I have to replace it at the apple store, or does it just sound Iike a software issue? Is anyone else having this issue? Thanks

IMac 27 Inch, iPad power button problems
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    If the button works for some things and not other things, like you said, it's probably software related.

    If the restart didn't fix it, then the next step is reset. Go to Settings, general, reset, reset.

    If that doesn't fix it then try the restore from itunes.

    If it still doesn't work, then it's time for a trip to the apple store for testing and corrective action.