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Dear all

after the upgrade to 4.01 my iphone stop to operate the phone and the contacts app
when i open phone or contacts the app close(crash) after 1 sec.
When i connect to the mac i have the following message from itunes:
"iTunes could not sync to the iPhone"Christos" because contacts are being synced over-the-air."
Trying to open and change the settings at: mail, contacts, calendar but also crash

Please help
Thanks for your support

iphone 3GS, iOS 4, just upgraded to 4.01 and looks like ipod
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    This happened to me after I upgraded to 4.0. While the iPhone update offers some great new features it has really done a number on some very basic functions and overall operation.

    I am no longer able to use the contacts app to place calls. I can pull up my contact list but when I select an individual contact, the phone seems to freeze for a second and then crashes. (It might be worth mentioning that I use Exchange to sync my contacts.) While the contacts are all on the phone, I can't access actual contact information for each individual.

    I'm also experiencing random freezes, touchscreen delays, etc.

    I can deal with some minor bugs but not being able to use your contacts to place calls is a huge problem.
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    The problem is that is not possible to make a call now as the Phone app crash also
    I am trying to see the mail-contacts-calendar settings but also crash
    My iphone works as an ipod now
    I use skype for my phone calls but i need to have my phone back before Monday...
    Please Mr Steve help us....