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Looking for a money program to do everyday banking.

Top three I read about are ibank, moneydance and quicken essentials. Has anyone had any experience with these and any advice on which one might be best to purchase.

one thing I should mention is that I am in Canada so some programs may not work with my bank - TD Trust.

Thanks in advance,

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    Welcome to Apple Discussions.

    I've used Quicken 2007 for the past 3 years, it's OK for doing basic banking functions however if you like to track your portfolio I'd stay away from Quicken products for now. I understand Essentials is pretty good for banking but hasn't integrated tracking stocks into it which IMHO is a big step backwards. Intuit does a great job with their PC products but doesn't seem really interested in the Mac platform.


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    iBank is really easy to use. It seems to be the most mac friendly of the lot.

    If you can download electronic statements these can be imported. iBank will except data in most formats.

    There also a rather cool iPhone app that allows data entry and viewing of budgets. It lets me add stuff like small cash purchases on the move. The app can sync to iBank over wifi.

    I think they still offer a trial download. Try it out for free and see how things go.
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    Sort of in the same boat as I'm looking for an alternative to Quicken on my last remaining Windows laptop. Reviews of Quicken Essentials have been lackluster at best. I took a quick look at Moneydance earlier this year, but the trial version didn't really allow me to do much with the data I tried to import from Quicken. I did find one helpful comparison of products by a user of Mondydance which you may find an interesting read. http://brianjarrett.com/2010/02/08/moneydance/ It's been updated at various points along the way. Reviews of iBank have been mixed, so I may shy away from this product for myself.