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Started to use Aperture 3 before accessing the Vault storage function. Bought an external hard drive to store my Aperture 3 photos. How do I now use the function of the vault storage within Aperture 3, and after getting the photos transferred to the external hard drive what is the process for future imported photos. Thanks for any help.

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    Configure Aperture and your image Masters to have a *Referenced-Masters Library* on the internal drive with the Masters referenced on the external drive.

    Note that Vaults back up the Library but a Referenced-Masters Library does not have the Masters in it, so _Masters must be separately backed up_. *I very strongly recommend that back up of original Master files be performed BEFORE importing into Aperture.*

    Use the Vault process to routinely back up the Aperture Library, which contains the conversions and edits.


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    Let me get this straight. With Aperture open, I click on the vault icon to set it up the have a Reference-Masters Library on the iMac and to have the Masters on the external hard drive. But what happens to the photos (masters and edited) that were not originally set up to be saved using the vault?

    By the way all of the photos are either scanned (not edited) or are from digital camera cards are saved separately.

    I'm sorry that I have to ask further questions so I will do it right the first time.
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    Forgive me for stating the obvious, but RTFM! (Read the friendly manual!)

    Vaults are a back up device. They may, or may not be a good idea for you. Aperture is full of words, like "project," "album," "referenced" which have a very specific meaning in the context of Aperture and may not mean what you think they mean.

    For example, the number of people who go into a tailspin because they don't understand that "project" could have been called a "roll" or an "event" just as easily.

    These are arbitrary, not absolute, terms.

    So no, a vault will not do what you want. You are probably discussing setting up a "referenced" "library." Our own Sierra Dragon can help you do this.

    If you use a "referenced" library, then you will probably be happier with Time Machine or cloning software for backup. A vault is likely to be a poor choice for backup for a referenced library.

    All the best!
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    OK. Maybe this will make my question a little clearer. Within Aperture preferences (General) it indicates the Library Location is as follows:

    ~/Pictures/Aperture Library.aplibrary

    I think means my photos are on the iMac, right?

    I would like to backup the library to an external hard drive. The word vault (at the bottom left corner) is used for what? If this where I would locate the external hard drive? How do I transfer the Aperture library to the external hard drive. Where in the manual does it tell you how to store your photos?

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    If you use a "Managed" Library, then yes, your masters and your versions and your previews are all inside the Aperture Library Package.

    If you use a "Referenced" Library, then your versions and your previews are inside the Aperture Library Package. Your masters are wherever you put them.

    The manual is very clear on this.

    Vaults are a backup device only. You can put a vault, or vaults, wherever you want - generally on an external drive(s). If you have a managed Library, then the vault will copy all of your masters, versions, thumbs, and deleted files.

    If you have a referenced Library, then the vault will NOT copy your masters.

    Most of us find that Time Machine or a clone is a better option than the Aperture vault. Of course, YMMV.