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This is bizarre, and new to me after owning every iPhone version. On my wife's iPhone 4, when looking at the Favorites in the native Phone app, there is an Edit button in the upper left hand corner and a Plus button on the upper right hand corner. By tapping on the plus button, she can add to her Favorites.

On my iPhone 4, the Edit button is there in the upper left hand corner, but there is no Plus button in the upper right hand corner. I cannot find any way to add to Favorites--either from the Favorites screen or anywhere else in Contacts. I have searched the web and the Apple forums and can find no one with my problem. I certainly hope someone else has encountered this and resolved it.

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    I recently upgraded my iPhone 3GS to the 4.1 os and now noticed (as you have) that there seems to be no way to add a contact to favorites anymore. I happen to be synced with our corporate gmail and wonder if that in some way changes the behavior. I also noticed that the v4 caused ring tones associated with contacts to revert to the default. This upgrade has been quite annoying because I can neither add nor remove favorites and the specified ring tones get reset with each update. Also I noted that I no longer have the ability to have 2 reminder alarms for a calendar event.
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    My missing Add to Favorites reappeared after reinstalling the OS as new on my 3Gs. Other audio problems with ipod playback also resolved.

    Apparently the upgrade process is very buggy - and reinstall as new is usually the workaround. The downside is that you loose settings, many application stored data pieces, pictures and videos (unless you backup separately).

    Unfortunately 1st tier Apple iPhone Support nearly always forget to remind people of the consequences of a install os as new. Make sure you really have this information tucked away as the iphone backup does not backup everything - nor is it restoreable unless you copy it somewhere else on your mac/pc than the default location.
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    When the number of Favorites exceeds a certain limit (either 48 or 50), one can no longer add them. If you delete a few, you will gain both your Plus button on the Favorites list screen, and a third button will be added to the non-favorites contacts "Add to Favorites". Nothing else to it.
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    Thank you. I finally read this message and you are correct. Deleting several existing Favorites restored the ability to add to the Favorites list. I appreciate the help!
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    i jsut got my iphone 4 with the software version 4.1. i am having a problem with adding favorites to my iphone 4:
    when i click on favorites, and reach the contact list, if i scroll down to the name i want and add it to the favorites, there is no problem. but if i use the search bar to find a name, then click on it, i jump back to the home screen. can anyone help me with this?