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I recently upgraded my mini to Snow, and reinstalled the OS on my 2010 MacBook as well. I have Little Snitch and noticed I'm now getting a regular flurry of warnings about "locationd" wanting to connect to mac-services.apple.com.

I got so sick of them I ended up telling Little Snitch to block them all forever.
What are those however? Something to have to do with one's time zone?

2009 MacMini, 2010 MacBook, Apple TV 3.0.1 160GB, Power Mac 8500, Mac OS X (10.6.4), Dell 2408WFP monitor, 8TB external
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    The locationd warning is for the location daemon that indicates the geographical location of your Mac for location specific services. It is used by MobileMe and other services that have location specific features. It's part of OS X, so you can permanently allow it in Little Snitch.
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    Thanks I suspected something like this...I don't use MobileMe or anything else where I want my location to be known AFAIK - less snooping or unwanted use of my bandwidth, system etc. the better IMHO.

    Maybe I'll leave it quarantined until I run into a scenario where I might want it.