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My ipod keeps freezing and it can take a few weeks to unfreeze. I do not understand why it does this and has being doing it since I have got it. In the past i have taken it to the genius bar and they have had managed to fix it but i watch what they do and try to repeat it at home but it fails.
The screen freezes and i can't use the buttons to restore it and when i try to connect it to itunes it does not recognize my ipod sometimes when i take it out a message appears on the screen something like this "itunes has detected an ipod that is corrupted ..." but when i plug my ipod back in this screen disappears x this problem is becoming more frequent and is very annoying as everyone in my house has an ipod and i am the only person who has this problem. Does anyone have any advice for me?

Acer Aspire 2930Z, Windows Vista
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    not sure if this will help but have you tried resetting your ipod?

    iv done it twice in past two/three years when iv had niggling issues with mine

    hold the centre button and the menu button down for 10secs + and the screen should change for the apple then restart

    hope this helps
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    Thank you for the advice but i have tried this many times before but never seems to work even the technical guys in the apple store tired that but never worked for them. But all is not lost my ipod is working again. I feel its now best to charge it daily to keep the charge up as i think it might have something to do with the battery. Thanks again.
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    I have had my iPod Nano for almost 3 years and it was fine until two weeks ago, when I plugged it in and the screen froze for three hours. I saw my chord was bad so I used another and then tried it again it worked the first time, now it won't sync at all. I can't even sync the iPod thru the computer...shoud I buy a new chord? Is it my iPod?

    What to do?

    Thanks for anyone who can help......

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    I have had this problem too the best thing to do is to leave it for awhile and try it again later. If this happens again I would suggest you get a new cord of try a friends. If getting a new cord doesn't work i would take your ipod and cord into the technical guys in the apple store.