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With a minimum of 10 attempts with at least 4 different senior advisors, no one can figure out what has changed with Itunes that has resulted in a continuing error message that my card information provided through itunes does not match with bank records. The bank disagrees and has validated information 3 times. Something is very wrong with Itunes billing and no one can help.

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  • TNWaltz Level 1 Level 1
    I have had the same problem, and have addressed it with Apple on multiple occasions. They simply ignore me and go out and find my credit card info and charge me anyway. Yet, since I can't correct credit card information through iTunes, I cannot update my iPhone Apps. Wonderful business model these guys have.

    We should be really scared of these people.
  • themusicfarmer Level 1 Level 1
    I'm having the same problem. I've tried 3 different cards ...all good with no luck...weird?
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    Im having the exact same problem, i have just emailed the support team now as this is getting beyond stupid... The past 2 months now it has not been accepting my card so now my apps are all out of date !
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    Same here, tried and tried and I know my card is good because I've been using it at other places and have plenty of cash in the account. I ended up buying a gift card for myself just to update free apps!
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    After many days of frustration, I finally was able to resolve this issue. I called Apple and because I have AppleCare, they were willing to help me with this problem. It took talking to several people, moving up the seniority ladder, until finally the problem was solved by the iTunes account people. They had to go in and manually reset my billing info. Problem solved. I suggested that they take a look at these forums because so many people are having this problem. So call 'em up, there is a fix. Don't give up hope.
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    SAME PROBLEM! SO FRUSTRATING!!! I've been trying for days. None of my credit cards work. And I'm in the fcking middle of waiting 3 weeks for my **** iPhone4 so I don't even have a phone to call Apple. I've e-mailed several times. FML
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    I am having the same problem trying to make purchases on itunes. I have checked with the bank and there is no problem. I have tried several credit cards and even pay pal. What is going on?
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    what phone number did you call?
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    same problem here starting today. My card has plenty of funds, yet iTunes keeps telling me that my card is declined. None of my details have changed (address, etc). I called my bank, and they said on their end everything looks peachy and Apple should be able to charge me. This is driving me NUTS! Is there a number I could call for this?
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    I tried with 2 more cards - the same. This is the most frustrating experience ever. How can they make so much and have not even one number where one can call for problem like this??? It is ridiculous!!!
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    They're going to lose a lot of money because of this. I buy a lot of stuff from itunes and now that I downloaded itunes 10 none of my credit card information will be accepted. I really hope they find a cure fast because I just bought the new iphone and I cant put any new apps or anything on it. Apple please fix this problem!!!!!!!!!!
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    It seems like a lot of people are having this issue and it feels like Apple is ignoring us...what's the deal? Do they not care? I would have expected someone from corporate to have posted to the forums by now...
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    still not fixed. Having same issue. Credit card works everywhere except itunes. Visa told me apple isn't sending them the request at all when itunes claims the card was declined. Its a straight forward software bug that they should have fixed months ago.

    I reported it to support with no response.
  • Hani Obaid Level 1 Level 1
    I have been waiting for apple itunes support to answer for several days since I received their machine generated formletter response telling me they're investigating. Finally after trying everything I could think of I figured it out myself. As suspected and confirmed by Visa, this isn't a problem with the credit card or the credit card information, but an itunes store desktop application bug. First it is displaying a misleading and inaccurate message on entering valid credit card information for an available credit card with more than enough credit (your credit card has been declined). This message implies that apple sent the request to your credit card vendore which wastes your time and the credit card vendor's when you contact them to investigate.

    It turns out the whole issue is caused by poorly coded integration between itunes store desktop application and apple store web application. I found an old apple knowledge base article which said that whenever you update account info on itunes store, it automatically updates apple store.

    What was really happening when itunes store displayed the CC declined message was that it was trying to update apple store's information to match, but the apple store account info has different options and validaiton than the itunes store accounts info (in my case the apple store doesn't have an option for my country, Jordan). So when a validation error was encountered by itunes desktop app as it was trying to update apple store information, it just falls back to displaying credit card declined simply because the apple programmers did not bother (too lazy I guess) to take the validation error from the apple store and display it in itunes.

    So what I did was open apple store account management, change my email and save. Then open itunes login with the new email, then itunes will ask me to re-enter account info (not just billing info) this allowed my cc to be accepted immediately.