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What am I missing? I have "Find my iPhone" on my iPhone and it can locate my iPhone. However, it can't seem to locate my iPad. I have location services turned on on the iPad, but it says, when I run find my iPhone that the location services are not turned on the iPad. Any thoughts? Thanks

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    If your iPad is wifi only then you can't find it.
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    I know.......I am wifi and 3G
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    I have location services turned on on the iPad,

    You do have Find My iPhone actually turned on as well, yes?

    Some troubleshooting tips can be found here:


    Hope they help.
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    If I use "Find my iPhone" on my iPhone it says that the iPad "Location Services Disabled". If I use Find my iPhone on my iPad it says that the Location Services of the iPad are disabled. If I go to settings on the iPad it says that Location Services is ON. I can't think what might be causing that.
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    Sorry to be redundant, but again, do you have "Find My iPad" (or however it's phrased) set up in Settings > MobileMe?

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    I believe Push must also be on for this to work. At least that's the way I have mine set up - location services on, find my iPad on ( make sure this is in the same MobileMe account as your phone ), and push on. I don't have any push services active - mail,etc., but I believe it has to be on for the find service.
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    1) I have "Find my iPhone" installed on my phone and my iPad.
    2) I have Location Services turned on on the iPad and iPhone
    3) I have only one me.com address open on my phone and iPad.
    4) I have Push on for the me.com email address and Fetch for the Gmail address I use

    "You have already initiated a wipe of the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. The device will not appear on the page until it is reconfigured with your MobileMe account information."

    I have not done the "wipe" because I am not familiar with the term or process......Well, I do know the term, but not the Apple process of the same name.
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    If you're getting that message you must have already "found" your ipad and accidentally initiated a wipe of all data. I've never seen that message but I've never "wiped" my devices. You will probably need to go into settings on your ipad under "mail, contacts, and calendars" and delete the MobileMe account if it's still showing then log back into it with your user name and password. That should restore it back to the MobileMe servers which should get it to show up again in the Find My iPhone app.

    In addition to location services and push, just in case you haven't already done this, make sure that the "find my ipad" toggle is set to on under the MobileMe account you're using.
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    Sorry, the "wipe.................." message is not from my iPad, it is from the Apple instructions for trying to make the find my iPad work. The only message I have from the iPad is Location Services are not turned on.
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    Well, surprise surprise the "Find my iPad" toggle was NOT turned on under my me.com account. And, now that it is it can locate my iPad. Thank you everyone who helped me solve this
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    I'd try toggling that location service button on and off and you might need to still delete that MobileMe account and log back into it. Again you do have the "find my iPad" toggle on? The only time I've seen an error message on this was when I did not have push. It shouldn't make any difference which account has push on just as long as you have Fetch New Data - Push on. Also after having all those toggles on it might help to do a full reboot - hold the sleep/wake and Home button down until the Apple symbol appears.

    Also I believe you must have wifi on and be within range of a wifi network for this to work. At least that's the way I do it. I've never activated a data plan on my iPad.