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How do I transfer photos and videos from my iphone4 to my windows laptop? Running windows 7. When I open up the Iphone device in my Computer, and select to copy photos and videos, the iphone appears to be empty - no files appear in the folder. Also, when I go via the route of plugging the iphone into the usb and selecting the pop up option to tranfer pictures and videos, it again tells me there are no files.

Do you know how I get them off the device please? I dont want to have to keep uploading straight from the iphone, and also find that when I do that to Youtube I get other problems (wont deal with that here, just want to get them off the thing!).


Acer, iOS 4
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    Sorry, I can't help you (am a novice iPhone user), but hey, I have the same problem too. How do I get photos off my iPhone to PC? I can email them to myself okay, but that's not a neat way of doing it.
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    The problem is that it is too easy.

    Open "my computer"

    Right click on your iphone and select "import".

    Now check your "Photos" folder and there will be a new folder with todays date and all your images and vids.

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    Or another option is the Digital Camera Wizard:

    For the Digital Camera Wizard, in Windows 7, go to Control Panel, All Control Panel Items (Or Hardware & Sound), Autoplay, Scroll to the bottom to the Devices section, you should see the iPhone listed. To the right of the iphone there is a dropdown with 4 options.
    Pick: "Import pictures and videos using Windows". Also, half way up, there is one called "Pictures". You can select "Ask me every time."

    From then on, you will get a prompt window for importing each time you hook up the iphone to your computer.