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Hi, I'm having some freezing issues like some others, but not sure if it is the same. I had some music on my player, the playback was very slow. I thought there may be a corrupt song or something, I hooked up to itunes and reset to factory to "start from scratch" All functions of ipod are going good (minus having no music). I attempted to hook back up to itunes, I get the "do not disconnect" on ipod. Itunes popes open, but it is locked up. I cannot access any of the functions of itunes. I even left it hooked up for over an hour, still nothing. Itunes will not close, and i have to reboot pc to get the itunes window to close. I can see it in my computer management window, it shows I have and empty ipod. I am also hearing some clicks and grinds, but not sure if that is ok. It is an old 30 classic, with a battery that is about on its last legs. I would like to save it so I dont have to spend the money on a new one, but the headaches with this one, it is time to pitch in garbage. thanks for reading and helping.

dell, Windows 7
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    I remember when i used to have a 30gb vid and it clicked. i took it to the apple store with no success with it, they deemed the hard drive had failed and gave me a new one....clicking from the ipod is a good sign of a failing disk. i suggest taking it to an apple store's genius bar to speak with them. i hope im wrong about the hard disk but thats what happened to my baby..