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My iPad constantly disconnects me from my wifi in my home. I have a windows-based computer that NEVER drops the connection. After several conflicting answers, an Apple support person told me that I need to change my network settings (frok WEP to something else). Not beimg a techie, I called Verizon about it. Verizon told me that I should not do that, because it is obvious that the iPad is the only device on the wifi network that cannot hold the connection and that by changing the settings, I will potentially be opening up a whole new slew of problems. Also, changing the network settings will require me to change the settings on EVERY device I have in my home...something I have never had to do, evevn with Windows-based computers.

What is the real story here?

HP Media Center PC, Windows XP
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    You either need to man up and take control of you computer devices, phone a friend to help or just pay somebody. Changing modem and wireless settings is a simple task, there is plenty of info on the Internet to help. If you rang verizon with such a wussy attitude it's no wonder they give you the run around. Wep security is old. Wpa is More secure and up to date. The iPad works best with wpa security. The latest iPad update is 3.2.1 I would suggest if you haven't updated to it yet you do. The new update fixes most wifi issues.

    The only real way to get your iPad working well is to trouble shoot. Start with the update if that doesn't work move onto the modem security, channel and such.

    The iPad works best with a static ip address set both on the modem and iPad. There are many more suggestions in these forums.

    Try searching google for (your modem ) setting iPad. This will help you find people with your modem that have fixed your problem.

    Good luck

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    You shouldn't have to change a multitude of settings so that just one device (ipad) connects better etc.

    I'm not about to take my second ipad back after loading the update and finding zero difference in connection as in it continually drops out.

    If every other device in the house including iMac work as they should on the router and you introduce a further item (ipad) and it doesn't work as it should then why should all other items have to be modified by way of chaing router settings etc.

    The idea of the ipad is to be convenient and fun, it fails on both.
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    I've had three ipads, each worked perfectly on wifi with a few small nuances. If you are really having problems configuring your equipment, maybe a device like the iPad is not for you.

    Most of the users complain the the iPad is not technical enough for them. Where as the few that argue that the iPad is not simple enough for them maybe just shouldn't expect these hi tech devices to work like a pen and paper. This is still a first generation device if a laptop is so much easier to setup and get working then maybe that's the device you should use.
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    I would follow Apple's recommendation to switch from WEP to WPA2 for wireless security. These days it is all to easy to get break the security on WEP secured networks. As for why your iPad is disconnecting, many have had this issue and most are saying that after the update to 3.2.1 firmware they have not had any issues with it.

    Have you tried updating yet? And if so, does the problem still persists?
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    Yes updated and I've switched between WPA and wep with no difference on either.

    Given the large amount of others still appearing to struggle I'll take it that the iPAD is somewhat deaf when looking for a connection.
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    This has been my experience:
    Same here - worked flawlessly for a week, then - no update or anything - it drops the wi-fi. Can't get mail. Keeps saying that each individual account won't connect, then asks for WEP. Can't do it from within the application, so go to setup. The WI FI symbol appears, go back to mail and it craps out....

    Just checked FAQs posted at the beginning of the iPad discussion threads and opened this one: Of all the options, I took the simplest one first - turning the router on and off (verizon FIOS - think they're screwing with me??) and it worked...the wireless connection is holding for now.... future post if anything new develops.

    Got the same problem the next morning, so I went into the router and changed the password from WEP to WPA (easy enough to do with Verizon's Fios, just type 192.168,1.1 in the browser). Asked me for the password, and I typed in the new WAP password and BINGO! got connected.
    The connection time and transfer time seem to be faster than before...

    Will post again later today to let you know what happens.

    +Like Red use to say, if you're not handsome, at least be helpful....+

    Changing to WAP sign-in seems to have cured the problem for me on the ipad. Returned from work, and the Ipad hasn't lost the Wi-Fi connection. Went online with Safari, checked the mail - all OK!

    I'm 65. If I can try the fixes until one works, so can you!!
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    Wow - a lot of patronizing here.

    Bottom line is this is a global Apple problem. I have a Macbook, three iphones (family members), an Ipad and an Apple TV. All constantly drop out of the home network even through a couple of routers. I've been on the phone with Apple support which wasn't really helpful as they told me that there was no reason it shouldn't work.

    I'm beginning to think that Apple and Windows just don't play nice together and Apple's solution is for us to buy a Mac.
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    OK, know it alls. Half our company is having this problem, we have 18 IT professionals on staff and we can't fix it so quit being such blind fan boys and try helping or quit posting insults. This apparently is a problem. Why should I have to constantly renew my lease regardless of which wireless network I'm using? I'm the world's biggest Apple fan and have been since the IIe but I'm ready to give up on this thing. Apple, give us some real support. Thank God I also have 3G or this thing would be an expensive Kindle. Regarding the guy who didn't want to change settings on everything on his network . . .he's right. If that would solve the problem then you should do it but this means making changes to all family computers, iPhones, wireless printers, Tivos, etc as well as guest computers, kids computers when they come home from school, etc You may be some single 20 year old with just one computer to change but some of us are families with dozens of things on our network and it isn't as convenient as you may thing. The answer should be that you don't know the answer either.
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    *The last two posters are responding to posts made 2 1/2 months ago!*

    If you want to have an argument about where a problem is, i.e., network or iPad it's a bit late for that.

    The 3.2.1 iOS update for the iPad on July 15th solved most people's troubles with WiFi. Make sure that you are running on that level (latest is 3.2.2).

    If problems persist try the iPad on another network. If it works there then there is some problem with the troubled network. If the iPad doesn't perform well there then it may need to be replaced or repaired.

    If you continue to have problems start a new thread and give details about what you are expperiencing, router manufacturer & model, router configuration, etc. Perhaps then someone can offer some help.

    Also, you aren't addressing Apple here. This is a user-to-user problem solving forum moderated by Apple. To report problems to Apple use Apple isn't reading these forums for bug reports or suggestions.
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    You don't have the problem so how can you comment? I still have the issue with 2 ipads and yes it's an incompatibility that does not effect every other device in my house. Solution buy an apple router? No thanks
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    I am having the same kind of problem. Every time the ipad is shut down and I turn on the screen again after a few minutes, there is no connection to the internet even though the wifi is 'connected'. Only after I turn the wifi off and on again does it start getting access to the internet. I have the latest version of the ipad OS and have tried playing around with all my router settings and also tried using a fixed IP address for the ipad on the network. Nothing works.
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    The same thing started to happen to me in the last week or so. I now wake the iPad from sleep and it will never be connected to the network, nor internet. It used to be always online instantly. Nothing has changed within the home settings as far as network hardware, settings, computers, ...

    ( the other thing I'm having trouble with as of recently is that it can't find its location, where before it would just figure it out based on the router )
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    icerabbit wrote:
    The same thing started to happen to me in the last week or so. I now wake the iPad from sleep and it will never be connected to the network, nor internet. It used to be always online instantly. Nothing has changed within the home settings as far as network hardware, settings, computers, ...

    ( the other thing I'm having trouble with as of recently is that it can't find its location, where before it would just figure it out based on the router )

    First, if you have a problem it's best to start a new thread rather than adding to an old thread which was created three months ago.

    The steps you could try are:

    • Test your iPad on another network (e.g., Borders, Starbucks, etc.) to see how it works there. If you have problems there you may have a problem with your iPad.
    • If the iPad performs OK on other networks then you may have a problem with your wireless router (even if other devices seem to work with it).
    Try the following:
    - Restart your router (turn off/on)
    - Reset network settings on your iPad (Settings > General > Reset)
    - Login
    If you continue to have problems check the firmware level in your router with the manufacturer's support web pages to see if it is old. If all else fails consider replacing your router.

    For more ideas please give the make/model of your router and how it is configured (security type, etc.)
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    "If you rang verizon with such a wussy attitude it's no wonder they give you the run around."


    You know, when someone needs help on something or wants to voice an opinion whether it's face-to-face or on the Internet, it helps for someone to take time to listen or read and at least try being on someone else's shoe before speaking their mind. You however may think you're helping others but you're not. Instead you're displaying a very rotten attitude. He's not showing a wussy attitude in my opinion, he clearly don't know much about technology as he pointed out in his comment. Read his comment next time alright? instead of being a jack--! Because that's exactly what you are being.

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