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I think I probably know the answer to this but could someone explain the following:
1. Exactly what does the restore feature on Itunes do?
2. Exactly what does the "Restore to Factory settings" on the iphone 3GS do?

I suspect the answer is it wont get me back to 3.1.3 but I wanted to ask before I did it in case I lost everything that's on my phone.

3GS, iOS 4
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    ...as far as I understand, restore will get your phone back to 'factory settings', but only restore it with the latest version for the iPhone ie. doing it through iTunes they will only give you their latest version as far as I am aware. They dont allow you to choose which version software you want.

    You would then have to use the last back up of your phone on iTunes to add your content (aps, etc) back to your phone.