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My iPhone is stuck in recovery mode. I know how to restore it in iTunes but my only problem is iTunes won't recognize it while it's in recovery mode. I've had no problems when it was out of recovery mode, iTunes recognized it perfectly. Can you please explain how I can get iTunes to recognize my iPhone again while in recovery mode? Thank you.

I've already tried this method but iTunes still didn't recognize it.

Hold the Home+Power buttons for 10 seconds, until Apple logo appears, and the release the Power button while holding the Home button until iTunes recognizes it.

Windows XP, iOS 4
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    Mac OS X
    Maybe try a couple of things first.

    Turn off you security system and then see if it gets through
    Set up another user on your computer and see if iTunes finds it then

    Have a look at these articles too, they may help you out.


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    Update iTunes to this may fix your issue
    (I would hope)
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    Hi There,

    I suffered the same problem as the original poster. I now have my first ever iBrick stuck in recovery mode. Short story coming please be patient.

    When i got in from work last night i hooked it up to my iMac as usual and it prompted me for an update to 4.0.1 so as usual i just said yes because i have never had an issue before and shortly after the backup started it flashed up an error saying unable to update error code 21. Now every time i reconnect the iPhone it recognise's that it has to recover but does the exact same thing when it try's to do the restore. Bing!!! Error code 21. Please excuse my frustration.

    I have tried most of the solutions the support page has suggested (open ports on my router, reboot mac, remove all other USB's and try another USB port) all except reinstalling iTunes becasue i didnt have time to do that last night.

    Please note i have never had an issue with my new iMac or my 2 month old Iphone and i don't have any other hardware i connect my iPhone to.

    I was hoping some one may be able to offer me further assistance or advice before i go down the line of contacting Apple Support direct.

    Thanks for your time.
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    Mac OS X
    ITunes for mac has an update available, 9.2.1 with lots of bug fixes including syncing issues.

    I would start by downloading the update using your Software update feature.

    Restart your computer and see if that helps your issue.
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    I should apoligise, i forgot to mention that i ran software update last night after trying to restore it. But it the Software update tool said everything was up to date. Am usualy pretty quick to have everything up to date. I think when i get in tonight i will be reinstalling iTunes and trying that.

    Thanks for the suggestion though.
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    Mac OS X
    Just double check that you do have the latest, because that version is only came out yesterday.

    Have you tried creating a different user on your computer and seeing if you can restore from that one? Can't remember where I saw that tip, but if you are having troubles, apple suggests using a different computer or a different user to restore. (this maybe a windows thing too though)

    If you do decide to re-install iTunes, make sure that you do the complete removal procedure, which is detailed here, http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1224

    See how you go
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    Mac OS X
    See here for one person that successfully recovered from error 21 on mac

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    Thanks for all the advice guys, i will give it a shot when i get back home tonight and let you know the results.

    Thanks Again.

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