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My mother-in-law has an iPad but no computer. The iPad works great except for the Wi-Fi issue acknowledged by Apple that has been addressed by last week's OS update. She doesn't have a computer, however, so no way for her to install the update on her own.

Of course I have a computer but it is already being used with my iPhone, iPods, etc. and uses my iTunes account. She has her own iTunes account.

What is the proper method to perform the update using my computer without messing up her iTunes account, my iTunes account, and everything in-between that expects her to have her own dedicated computer when she does not. I don't mind having a backup of her iPad on my computer, just don't want to mess anything up for her iPad or any of my Apple devices.

Sending her to an Apple store for this is a bit of a pain. She is 78 years old and going through chemotherapy. She just wants to be able to sit at home and use her iPad reliably.

Thanks very much for all replies!

iPhone OS 3.1.3
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    What computer did you originally set the iPad up on? If it was your computer then there should not be any problems with doing the update. Make sure you turn off automatic syncing before you connect and everything should be fine.

    The option for automatic syncing can be found in the iTunes preferences and under the "Devices" setting. Check the box that says "Prevent automatic syncing of iPhones/iPods/iPads" and when you connect the iPad you should be able to do the update and disconnect without deleting or erasing anything on the iPad.
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    Another thing you can do if you are willing, you can authorize your iTunes to your m-i-l's iTunes account. Once you've done this, you can connect her iPad(I'm assuming anything on her iPad was purchased from the iPad) to your computer and do a sync of purchases from the iPad to your iTunes. You might also want to turn off auto sync. You should then be able to update her iPad on your computer. She would also in the future be able to use your computer as a back up.

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    The absolute clean and proper way is to set up a new user on your Mac, login there and you never will have a mess.

    Thats the best easiest and cleanest way. Just always login to that account before you connect the iPad.

    enjoy your magic machine
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    Thank you all for your help. As is often the case, the simplest solution is the best one. apple4ever's suggestion to create a new account on a computer was the best one. Turns out it's not even necessary to set up the computer's iTunes for an account nor login. It just needed a computer to download and install the update.