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So this has happened with my 3G and the new iPhone 4.

Both devices have "froze" on the very end of the updating iphone software part of an iphone software install.

On the 3G I was wiping it clean by just restoring it, and it too took an hour before I noticed it was stuck at the very end. So its not my apps installing thats making it take forever.

I have a dual core 2.3, 6GB of RAM so thats not the problem.

I almost want to buy a mac just to sync my iPhone with it

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    Same Problem, on a mac
    it has to do with the itunes installation or something.
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    I have the exact same problem. I hadn't updated the software on my iPhone or iPod Touch in a while, so I decided to update them to 4.0.2, and for some reason, every time I try, the bar gets to the very end when installing to the devices and just gets stuck. No error message - no nothing. I have to Force Quit iTunes to get out of it. And it's not that I'm not waiting patiently - I've had it going all night before to wake up and it's still stuck.

    The only way I resolved it was to uninstall it from my Macbook Pro, restart, and then reinstall from a new installation file. However, for some reason it worked to update the iPhone, and then did the same thing again with the iPod Touch. Again, I had to uninstall and reinstall.

    Any ideas how to stop this? Quite annoying...