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    @lucian... did you try and reset the phone to factory settings? Please post any changes.. Thanks!
  • cpliler Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I'm having a similar issue with an external microphone. I'm using a small Sennheiser boom mic for video taping and every time I plug it in, Voice Control pops up - kicking me out of the video app. It is beyond irritating that this cannot be disabled.
  • Leo810qt Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Have your rest the phone back to factory settings? Any change?
  • paige.findley Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
    I'm seeing a bit of a pattern: though not everyone, many of us have mentioned having this problem in conjunction with some form of exercise and while using a headset with built in microphone.

    I wonder if a bit of perspiration may be shorting the electronics out in the microphone?
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    I have a the same problem that is frustrating also the ** out of me.
    I listen to the internetradio while working out at the gym.

    Voice control pops up randomly. I cancel it then the track skips forward at a very fast rate.

    I have found this and will see if is works this week.

    While the voice control feature for the iPod application cannot be disabled, the voice control for the phone application is configurable, according to "iPhone: The Missing Manual." The voice command tool provides voice dialing by matching your voice with the name of the contacts stored in your phone, or by dialing based on the number you say into the phone. By configuring the phone's passcode tool, the voice dialing feature can be disabled, which prevents accidental calls.


    1 Touch "Settings" and "General" on the phone's screen.
    2 Tap "Passcode Lock" and "Turn Passcode On." Enter the passcode twice to activate the passcode lock.
    3 Touch the switch on the "Voice Dial" tab to disable it.
  • Arjan75 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    What i have tried didn't work.
    still searching 4 the answer
  • narkurs Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Am having exactly the same problem with iPhone 4 with headphones with built-in mic/remote.
    Always 20-30mins into using, always at the gym on the running machine, sometimes when out walking, voice control randomly turns on, and then songs start fast forwarding. Sometimes even after disconnecting the headphones voice control randomly comes on.
    I NEVER use 'voice control' anyway: it ***** BIG TIME! It never does what you say, it's maybe worked 2% of the time I've bothered trying to use it. I'd just like to deactivate it but can't find a way.
    I've researched online and seen that MANY people are having this problem, yet NO-ONE has received any feed back or help from Apple, they seem to be simply ignoring this problem: BIG disappointment!!
    Can anyone PLEASE help? Or suggest and kind of solution?
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    The only I have found from broken headphones(Mine, friends')
    When ANY headphones have shorts in the wire, that does the same thing as clicking the little mic button.

    If you wiggle your headphones and it suddenly happens?
    Your headphones have a short in the wiring.

    Theoretically, this could happen from having a headphone jack in the phone that wasn't making a solid connection, as well.

    Note: I don't have any problems with my iPhone 4 using the supplied Apple headphones or my Sennheiser ones.
  • narkurs Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    it's happening with the supplied headphones and two sets of newly bought apple headphones which are made especially for iPhone. so it's not a short in the wiring. . .
  • Perseverance Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Same problem. Why on earth can't VoiceControl be disabled? Madness.
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    Same problem with my iPhone 4 - 20-30 minutes into the exercise bike at the gym, voice control keeps popping up and interrupting and/or fast-forwarding the music player. Rebooting doesn't help. I can't tell you how annoying this is.

    Perhaps sweat gets into earbuds or mic and causes a short?

    Apple - next iOS 4 update MUST have a way to deactivate Voice Control. Or better yet, cut the feature altogether as no one uses it anyway.
  • BQuirk Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Same exact problem. New phone and headphones, so it ain't a short. Apple really needs to step up and update the OS to allow disabling Voice Control. Will try the old school tape job in the meantime.
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    have been to the gym once since the recent iphone update, and didn't have a problem. maybe they sorted this in the update?? doubt it though, as they don't seem to even acknowledged that there's a problem.

    am going again today, will let you know how it goes . . .
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    Its not the apple headphones... I while back I bought a set of bose earbuds($120)... the first day, the voice control activated, songs skipped... sucked.... took phone to apple and they replaced my iphone!! said had a software problem.. so....shiny new phone
    last week I bought the new Beats by Dre sport earphones ($180).. (i am at the gym a lot).. guess what... voice control activates...songs skip... *** I think any 3rd party headphones screw with the phone. I dont know what to think about this.. it seems it cannot be fixed.. do I take my phone back and get ANOTHER replacement phone just to get shiny new face? haha
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    Hi Everyone,


    I faced this problem as well. Let me clarify what I believe is the issue and how I managed to fix it.


    The problem really occurs if you are operating your iPhone4 (for that matter any Apple device, using the headphones with mic / hands-free cable), while exercising or in a hot / humid environment. The problem is with the sweat especially when it enters the mic on the hands-free cable.


    The unit near the right ear piece which has the mic and controls mounted on cable, is really seal tigh on either ends, but the mic itself is an easy way for sweat to enter this unit. The sweat (being what it is in nature, a good conductor due to it's composition), causes a short in the controls. The sweat trapped in the button contacts, causes these fake button press signals to the device.


    How I found it out, well I had a vague feeling that this could be a reason, so I wiped the cable well, used a hair dryer to accelerate drying up of sweat and the behaviour went away sooner than normal. This did not mean it completely solved the mystery.


    So, I used a cello-tape band to protect the mic opening on my work-outs for the next few days... and the problem did not re-occur.



    1. Protect the mic opening if you plan to use it for workouts or in humid conditions (like cycle in rains).

    2. Opt for a reasonable waterproof BT headset, minus the mic, for such conditions.


    iPhone4, iPodTouch

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