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Hello all,
I have a problem that is frustrating the **** out of me.
I listen to audio books and songs while working out at the gym or travelling in my car.
*Here is the problem:* *When listening to either an audio book or music, voice control pops up randomly. I cancel it then the track skips forward at a very fast rate.*
*Current Fix:* I then have to rewind back to where the Voice control kicked in. When I do that I am ok for a few mins, then the voice control kicks on again. Rebooting the Iphone staves off the issue for a few hours.
*I am using the Apple supplied headsets with the phone mike built in.*
Do I have a defective Iphone?
I see that a lot of 3GS uses have the same issue. See the following URL.

This is so frustrating. If this is not solved soon, I will go back to my 3GS which has been extremely stable.
Pls help.

MBP 17", Mac OS X (10.5.4), 4GB RAM
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