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XxKittySaysRawRxX Level 1 Level 1
For some reason, every time I plug in my iPod, there's a popup that reads, "iTunes cannot read the contents of iPod "IPOD" go to the Summary tab in iPod preferences and click Restore to restore this iPod to factory settings." It simply will not recognize my iPod. I don't know what went wrong, this has never happened before. It just randomly started doing this a few days ago, and it's really starting to p*ss me off. It'll still charge, but I can't put new songs on it or delete older songs. I don't want to have to restore my iPod and have to replace 559 songs and 8 videos. I also cannot connect to iTunes. Why the h* does Apple not just fix that problem already? I know I'm not the only one with a 5th gen iPod who can't connect to iTunes. So, can someone please help me??? I just want to be able to put more songs on my iPod again...

5th gen iPod nano, Windows XP