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I have several Bluetooth headsets. When I was using iPhone 2G with OS 2.9.x, everything works fine except they do not support stereo Bluetooth. Since I moved to iPhone 4, all my Bluetooth connection on and off from time to to time. It is very frustrated feeling. I have the following Bluetooth headsets: Plantronics Voyage P510, Voyage Pro, Motorola S9, and Sony IS800. All of them got connection problem.So my question is: Is the Bluetooth connection problem only on iPhone 4? If not, does that mean my iPhone 4 has defect? Can and should I go to Apple to get replacement?

iOS 4
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    I reported a problem with bluetooth, though it wasn't a connection issue - just bad sound for the person listening to me. It wasn't the only thing I reported, but it was one of the bigger things. They did replace it and my two tests since them have no sound problems (I have a Jabra BT 530).

    Some have reported solving their problems (though sometimes it is just temporary) by paring the headset again. Since this is on all your headsets, I doubt it is the problem.

    Other things that have helped some is to reset networks (but nothing else). Or do a hard reset. Or restore.
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    I have exactly the same problem with my iPhone 3G.
    After iOS 4(.0.1) the Bluetooth connection has become highly unstable.
    I suggest we contact Apple about this.
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    It's a repetitive topic in regards to connection staying active. There are many things that can cause connectivity issues. Certain things I noticed are:
    * Avoid Microwaves and other high powered jammers. Microwaves are more powerful than WiFi connectivity as well as Bluetooth connectivity. Avoid working in industrial areas while using Bluetooth.

    * Avoid going away 30 feet and passing solid metallic objects. In my environment, I keep the i4 on the charger and I have metal shelving with current running up top. This is enough to keep the signal from not passing through barriers.

    * When outside, keep the devices relatively close like in your shirt pocket or briefcase. While I'm outside, the connection breaks very quickly. I don't know why but it does when I have the 3G/3GS/i4 in my pants pocket and it's no more than three feet away from the headset. I put it in my briefcase or shirt pocket and the signal goes fine.
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    ive been trying to sync my iphone 3gs (ios4) to my garmin nuvi; there is bluetooth capabilities but i cannot get the iphone to find the device when i go to bluetooth. some people recommened disconnecting my bluetooth headset and then trying to reconnect the gps but it has been searching for the device for about a half hour now and it still hasnt found it and its sitting right next to it with nothing blocking it. Any suggestions?
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    Hi Joe,
    Thanks. I have exactly the same experience as you said. I lost connection most of the time in commercial area such as shopping mall or business building. However, if I keep it on charger at home, I hardly lost signal. Like this morning at home I was able to make a cell phone call for over 30 minutes with no signal lost.
    I also put it closer to the headset in the commercial area like holding on hand, I don' lost signal too.
    I was using 2G with IOS 2.9. I never have lost signal problem. So it sounds like Apple has design defect issue now.
    I guess Apple knows it already.